Festive Doodles Inspiration

I wanted to share a load of festive doodles I have compiled from the last few weeks. I love doodling in these sketchbooks, especially in pen, so why don’t I share them? It might even inspire you to get doodling and grab your sketchbooks and pencils this festive season!

Happy 8th Day of Busy Blogmas!

I hope you lovely lot are feeling awesome, if not then just read this post! I have put together a collection of Wintery, Christmassy doodles with animals and Santas and so many more cute little guys!


I hope you like seeing what Christmas things I had a go at doodling! It is so much fun 🙂


The pictures shown above are from my square Paperchase notebook which I use very often, and I am actually planning a whole flick-through post about that…:) I drew a few little things and Santas and Christmas trees, snowflakes… just all typical Christmassy things really! And I actually took a few tries at trying to get Father Christmas’ face right, because I was wondering whether to not put a nose in, then it didn’t look right, so I put it back in, but the mouth looked odd now, it went on until I eventually got the perfect balance!


We’re now onto the big A3 sketchpad, but I haven’t used whole pages for these doodles, because they’re preeeety small!

These little tiny tiny tiny doodles are one of my favourites, just because they really are SO small! I used a 0.1 pen which is literally one of the thinnest pens you can get! Although for this particular doodle, I may have used a 0.2. 🙂 Aren’t they just teeny?

I love coming up with the tiny expressions and arm gestures, and being creative by choosing what each individual person is doing. I made some riding sleighs, some making snow angels and some even having snowball fights-you can go so wild with your ideas which I love! I added a few mini reindeer and snowmen which were cute too! 🙂 Oh the cuteness…


I especially love my little bunny doodle! I have finally found the perfect way for me to draw these little bunnies, and I feel like they have come to life as soon as they are drawn!

There is also a rooftop scene with a reindeer and Santas cheeky legs sticking out of a chimney!

Just a quick note: the photos are dleiberately dark, I could have made them brighter but I liked the effect 😉


And here we have a cuuute elf that I find looks so innocent and cute! I also drew these bigger animals directly above which are actually quite large on the sketchbook.

Also if you are interested, I draw these with the Uni Pin fineliner, 0.1 or 0.2, but sometimes I will use thicker ones (or if I’ve lost one down the back of the sofa…)


Cheeky little arty shots

I have such fun drawing my little doodles in sketchbooks, and this is just a sneak peek of what I draw! Let me know if you enjoy these kind of posts! I certainly like making them, and hasn’t Blogmas been amazing this year? So many posts to catch up on!


Aw…nearly forgot this one…

Hopefully this has inspired you even the teeniest bit to get doodling some festive things-I can assure you will loove it as much as I do!

Buzzy bub-byes!



Stuff you may like to knooow…

I use piccollage and Tayasui Sketches Pro for the signature thing a ma bob

I camera snap on Sony HX400v (<3)

I am currently doing Blogmas and posting every day…

You lovely lot are amazing ❤ , let me know any Q&A Questions!


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