Christmassy DIYs: Black and Gold

I was determined to make some classy and fancy, alomst luxury DIYs, that didn’t look cheapo, but actually looked quite nice and festive. They are very simple, but boy did they take me super long, because I really wanted to get them right!

Hello everybodyy!

I am here again for the 10th day of Blogmas, and no I didn’t forget to post, I was actually busy Christmas shopping, so I didn’t leave much time for making a DIY post, but I managed it – just. 🙂

So, how was I going to manage the mega task of creating DIYs that not only look stylish and posh, but were easy to make with only a few basic materials? Well-slowly. But I got there in the end!

I have spent so long making these three inexpensive makes, and I hope hope hope you enjoy reading and maybe it will inspire you to get making some fancy crafts!

Typography Cards

Whether you want to pin these on your wall, write on the back of them and give to a friend, make them gift tags, scatter on a Christmas Dinner table…the list of possibilities can go on and on and on…! This contemporary, ‘cosy’ design will look fabulous at Christmas! I used a font called ‘King Basil’ and drew out the writing on to opposite coloured card.

What You Need…

  • Black pen
  • Gold pen
  • Black card
  • Gold card


Mini Christmas Card Ornaments

These look absolutely ADORABLE on a Christmas tree, or just hung up somewhere to make your Christmas just that little bit cute! This was so easy and you can put whatever designs you wish on the front too! Aw! The festive twine adds that bit of festive charm. 🙂

What You Need…

  • Card cut into small rectangles
  • Christmas Twine
  • Things to decorate

Star Silver and Gold Mobile

I loved the cuteness of this one! It must have been one of the easiest and quickest, yet it looks so cute (and yes, I did hold back from drawing cute faces on the stars…). You could change the shapes, or colours to your desire. Simply draw star shapes in various sizes in cardboard and cover them in foil, then attach thin strings to a main strip at the top. Just cut stars in gold card for the others.

What You Need…

  • Kitchen Foil
  • Gold Card
  • Thread
  • cardboard
  • Pen (to draw a star shape)


I really enjoyed making this post (even if it took ages) and I hope you liked the sort of posh theme to it! I am open to any ideas of future posts, happy Blogmas my little craft lovers!

Have an amazing weekend…


Stuff you may want to know…

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am doing Blogmas and posting gift ideas, lists and festive posts!

All photos are mine, unless stated otherwise.

You lovely lot are amazing, keep doing what you love! ❤


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