DIY Christmas House Storage + mini bauble haul!

I made two little cute cardboard Christmas houses that I know I am going to find so useful for putting gift tags or washi tapes in this festive season! But then it was also the day we decided to put up our Christmas tree, and after it felt so much more Christmassy! So I made this post to show you how to make them and some decorations I have on the tree!

Happy 11th Day of Busy Blogmas my little elves!

If you celebrate Christmas, you will understand the excitingness and festive times when the Christmas tree finally goes up! We traditionally put it up this weekend, two weeks before the 25th, so once the real tree arrived home, we put it straight up in the stand and began decorating it, it’s amazing the change with decorations and fairy lights than without them!

But before I could put my mini tree in my bedroom, I had to to do a ginormous tidy, because it was an absolute tip!

So inspired by the festive decorations, I set about making yet another DIY that would be the perfect gift for someone who really needs or likes storage! I don’t know about you, but I actually love things that tidy up any random clutter scattered about my desk! And what better way to make storage solutions than in a Christmas house form? It’s so easy!

Christmas House Storage Boxes – Gift idea

What you’re going to need…

  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Printer Paper
  • Pen
  • Brown pen
  • Sellotape

How I Made it…

Firstly I cut the house shape. And sellotape the base shut if needed.

You could always add a chimney instead of just a triangle roof, but I didn’t, and I made a big version and a smaller version(green). Then I covered the entire surface with acrylic paint. This took a long time to dry, because I had to make sure you couldn’t see the writing underneath! So I actually left it to dry overnight, then in the morning I could do the next steps…

Once everything was totally dry, on paper I drew three windows and two doors- one for the dinky house and two for the bigger one. I glued them on to the cardboard and then added them to my festive backdrops!

The DIY Christmas Photo Backdrop…

This is technically a DIY in itself, because it is so easy and anyone can make it! All you need is a blank wall, and a white surface. Sellotape some tinsel or festive garlands to the back edge of the photo ‘frame’, then dangle some fairy lights on the back wall and drape them over the tinsel. This adds a great festive look to it!

I also put out some fake Christmas presents, which are actually just empty boxes wrapped in wrapping paper! Also, some cardboard Christmas trees and twine. I love this backdrop, and I can see myself using it throughout the rest of Blogmas!

What Christmas Decorations I decorated the tree with…

You could say this is a bit like a bauble haul?! But whatever it is I thought I would share with you lovely lot what Christmas decorations and baubles and stuff I used to make the tree look festive and cosy!

I obviously had fairy lights, because that makes a tree so much cosier!

But then we also have these wooden cute ornaments that I love, some adorable penguin and robins and the most beautiful silver bauble! I love them! I also really like a knitted owl I have near the top of the tree, it’s big leather eyes are so cute!

The tree keep shaking when I tried to take pictures…whoops! 😉

I hope you liked today’s busy mash up of random content…! I had such a fun day, and I hope you lovely lot had a great day too, when do you all put your Christmas decorations up if you do?

Festive hugs and warm smileees!


Stuff You May Want to Know…

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am currently taking part in Blogmas-yay!

You lovely lot are amazing-believe in yourself! ❤


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