Christmas Stocking Fillers Wishlist

I know a lot of people have done these posts, but to be honest I LOVE reading them! Plus I find them super useful for cute gifts to buy for your friends or family! So I made this looovely wishlist/present ideas list that I would want myself!

Hello everybodyy from all over the world!

It’s the 14th day of Busy Blogmas! 

I decided to make a wishlist slash present ideas slash inspiration guide thing wotsit (yeah, I’m going to stop now…!) because I just find them so useful to read, but a lot of them seem to be just beauty products, and sometimes you just want a whole list of nice things for home! So that’s what I made!

All these things will make your room literally heavenly and gorgeous, and I will link the sources below of course and tell you current prices! I seriously what all of itttt!

The first cheeky category today is stocking fillers, because I am obsessed with cute mini things!

Firstly I simply HAD to put these adorable copper fairy lights on, because although they are a bit on the pricey side…I love them! And I would absolutely love to give or receive these at Christmas time! These would look SO gorgeous hung up above your bed or in a kitchen!


Price: £17.50

Product: Copper Fairy Lights

Next up is from Not on the High Street again, and I just find these are so cute and perfect as a little gift at Christmas! Who doesn’t want a mini calendar?! Especially as it is coming up to the new year (agh!)


Price: £12

Product: 2017 Mini Desk Calendar

This Calendar block has to be the. Cutest. Thing. Ever. How adorable would this look on a bedside table?! Er-very! It’s so sweet! Sass and Belle have the cutest collection of things, and this is just one of the sweet sweet things available!

Shop: Sass and Belle

Price: £10:00

Product: Badger Woodland Friends Calendar Block (even the name makes me go, ‘aw!’)

The next one are these very festive candles, and I would just love to have them on the side in a cosy room in the evening it would just look so festive and warm!

Shop: Sass and Belle

Price: £3.50

Product: Reindeer Scene Tealight Holder

I simply had to put something in from paperchase, and what better way than with a travel mug? If you know someone who likes to travel or who is always out and about, this could be the perfect stocking filler! The writing is gorgeous and it would just look lovely!

Shop: Paperchase

Price: £10

Product: Baby it’s cold outside take out cup

Finally I wanted to put this one in although it is kind of beauty…but not really, and it’s this little nail file duo which is super cute! I just thought it would be the perfect stocking filler for someone who you know loves cute things (and filing nails…!)!

Shop: Paperchase

Price: £3.00

Product: Oh K nail file duo

The stockists

So that was my list of stocking filler ideas, I do hope this helped you, and you got a bit inspired by these adorable fillers! Have an amazing day you lovely lot!

Happy festive hugs!

Stuff you may want to know…

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