4 Christmassy Recycled Things!

I love love love reusing wrapping paper and magazines, just because the designs are too cute and it is just too much of a waste to just throw them away…plus we need to save the planet-what better way than with Christmas recycled things?

Good evening, morning, afternoon everbodyy!

I can’t believe it is the 15th Day of Busy Blogmas already! Maybe it’s just me, but it has gone so quick, and I love doing it! ❤

Recycling is so good- you are saving the planet, and bringing adorable things back to life again! This is such a basic form of recycling because it is reusing used wrapping paper and magazine cuttings. I cut around some cute and Christmassy quotes from clothing catalogues and gathered scraps of wrapping paper to make these-it was a LOT of fun, and guilty free!


I am going to get right into how to make these things, because I am already late posting! Whoopsies 😉

At one point, I said to myself-‘I’ll just go grab some wrapping paper from the box’, and then I thought, do you know what? No I’m not, because that destroys the whole point of this post! So I collected some already used paper instead!


Christmas Hanging Quote


You Will Need…

  • A quote cut out from a magazine
  • Twine
  • Scissors
  • Selotape (or scotch tape which I used)

How to Make it…

I mean, this one is pretty self explanatory!

Basically, cut around the quote you chose from a magazine or catalogue (it can be rough, or very precise-I just cut a rough rectangle around), then cut a small length of twine – about 10cm long or less- and selotape either ends to the back of the quote.


You can now hang up this adorable quote wherever you like- on a Christmas tree, wall or door handle maybe!


Heart and Stars Chain

img_63461This looks super cute, and again is just so easy and quick!

What You Need…

  • Wrapping paper (used)
  • Festive twine
  • Scissors
  • Selotape/Scotch tape
  • Templates to draw around if you aren’t confident.

How to Make it…

Firstly cut out three stars (or however many you like) and two or three stars roughly the same size (although of course you can have different sizes). Cut a length of twine and selotape the shapes on the back, leaving roughly 4 or 5cm gap. I used wrapping paper and magazine cuttings.


This looks so adorable on a wall above a desk, or even hung over tree branches!


Christmas Quote Bookmark


Have more festive books with this!

What You Need…

  • Wrapping paper (used)
  • Quote cut out
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Cardboard


How to Make it…

Firstly get some cardboard and cut a rectangle for the bookmark. Cut a useable piece of wrapping paper and wrap it over like a present! Secure the paper down with glue on the back. Cut out a Christmassy quote and glue it down somewhere on the bookmark.


Your books will look so much cuter and festive now!


Christmas Quote Tags


What You Need…

  • Quotes from magazines/wrapping paper
  • Hole puncher (don’t use a pencil like me *mistake*…!)
  • Scissors

How to Make it…

To start, find a quote and cut a label shape from it (use a template if needed!) and use the hole puncher to make a hole in the triangle at the end of the label. You can also cut another label shape that is plain and stick it to the back if y0u need to write on it, but I quite like them without!


Feel free to embellish them with anything (try and use more recycled things-I used wrapping paper to make a star), your presents will look so much cooler now! yay!


I hope you lot enjoyed these little ideas for reusing old things that would have been chucked away- keep recycling lots and lots people! 🙂


These were very fun to make! Let me know your favourites! 😉

Keep recycling!



The important but quite boringish bit…!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v ❤

I am taking part in Blogmas!

You lovely lot are the beeest ❤

Please contact me via this page…


26 thoughts on “4 Christmassy Recycled Things!

  1. Such a cute craft idea! I am saving to my pinterest. This is a great craft to do with left over wrapping paper, which I have a lot of right now. Its a wonderful thing to receive something homemade and also to not be wasteful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lovely to get in the Christmas spirit 🙂 I’m currently working on a new post to fulfill as many Christmas wishes as possible. Your post certainly kept me in the mood! Keep it up, I enjoy reading your things!

    Liked by 1 person

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