Rabbits and Rain

I love taking photos and experimenting with my newish camera (that so far has been amazing!) and so I grabbed it and went outside to take some close ups and pictures of wildlife and nature (reenie doesn’t count as wildlife!).

Happy 16th Day of Busy Blogmas everyone!

I am so happy that it is nearly only a week until the 25th! So I went out to take some wintery pictures…although it may aswell have been September-it must have rained or something because the ground was soaked! I was pretty frustrated that I could’t get any wintery pictures- but oh well-reenie was having the best time running around!

You all know how much I love photography-I’m no expert, but I just love it as a hobby! So I took a few close ups as well of random things like plants and stuff…

It was a bit cold, but it didn’t feel very , well, wintery! But I didn’t let that bother me-so I had a lot of fun camera snapping instead!


Reenie was super happy and excited to be allowed to explore the garden again (because her huge run and mini run leading into a hutch in a shed isn’t enough obviously…!) I managed to get quite a few shots of her, although mostly blurred because she was so quick and exciteable! Aw 😉


I felt like i hadn’t posted enough photography posts this month, and so I hope this makes up for that (even if it didn’t represent winter very well… 😀 ) It gets so dark quickly as well so it was a rush to get photos before dark!


Because of the water everywhere I actually managed to get quite good shots of the rainy plants and leaves!


Reenie especially posed for this one! ❤

I honestly urge you all to get taking photos-I have soo much fun capturing moments and shots that I am actually really proud of! especially when it is Winter because there are just so many things to take cheeky photos of!


Don’t you just LOVE the shape of these leaves above?! I thought they looked so cute and perfect! That’s the good thing about close-up photography – it makes you notice the tiny details around you!

I hope you lovely people liked my little photos, let me know if you did! Have a super duper amazing weekend whatever you decide to do because you are an amazing person!

Happy camera snapping!



Stuff you may want to know!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am doing Blogmas (posting every day until Christmas!)

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      1. I’d say…if you have a camera, play around with the different settings and effects…so turn up the brightness or dim it so it looks dramatic! Oh and keep your hands as steady as you can!! Hope that helps a bit! 😅❤️

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