Easy Christmas DIY Room Decor

All of these little makes I am leaving in my room because I just love them so much! They both make your room more festive and cute whilst being useful too! I have made them super easy to make and you don’t need too many materials-so anyone can make them!

Hey there everybodyy!

It is Blogmas day 18, and I have made a first room decor post! I am absolutely in LOVE with these cute cute DIYs that are just so simple and quick!

Quite a few of these are made reusing junk and used things too, so yay for our planet! ๐Ÿ™‚

I had lots of fun today thinking up these ideas and then getting stuck in making all of them. I have always loved watching videos of useful DIYs that you actually want to make and use, so I thought I would make a post with a few favourites! With a festive theme of course…

Have a look at these lovely Christmassy things!

Polymer Clay Christmas Lights

I love love love this mini string of lights! I am definitely going to be making more and hanging them up around my bedroom because they are just so cute and easy to make!

What you need…

  • Oven bake clay (polymer clay)
  • Metal keyring loops
  • Twine or string
  • An oven

How to make it…

Firstly you need to break off small chunks of red and green clay (or whatever colour you like) and mould them into an oval shape that gets narrower at one end. I then moulded tiny black circles as the ‘metal’ part of the light and stuck these on top. Add a metal loop to the top.

Now you can bake them in the oven for twenty minutes at 100 degrees! Try to make sure as they go in the oven on a tray of grease proof paper, they don’t touch each other because you don’t want them glueing together!

Once out the oven, let them cool until cold to the touch. At this point you could varnish the bulbs or just leave them like I did.

Finally cut a length of twine or string or even ribbon, and thread on the first light. Now tie a small knot close to it. Then thread another light the other side of the knot and repeat so there is a knot between each light. You’ll see what I mean in the pictures!

They look especially cute hung above a shelf or headboard, I just love these cute light garlands! โค

Time for the next DIY…

Secret Compartment Christmas Tree Trinket Dish!

Yup, it’s a bit of a long title, but this one is so cute for standing on the side or at a desk!

You will need…

  • Oven bake clay (I use Fimo soft)
  • Chocolate tube or cylindrical box
  • Scissors
  • White acrylic paint
  • PVA glue
  • Paintbrush

How to make it…

First you need to make the tree shape. Grab quite a big piece of green clay, which you can add a bit of black clay to so you get a darker green, and mould it into a tree shape. Then add a brown trunk, eyes and mouth and a yellow star on top. I also used a scraper foil tool to make triangle marks which look like branches.

Now bake in the oven like before at 100 degrees for twenty minutes on a tray!

Once out and cooled, you can start making the dish.

Cut a small end of the cardboard tube with scissors carefully and squeeze out some acrylic paint. Using a fluffy paintbrush cover the entire cardboard dish with white paint and leave to dry. You may need a couple of coats. ๐Ÿ™‚

My paint palette is …yup, a piece of paper from an Amazon parcel!

Once everything is completely dry, add a blob of glue to the base of the tree and stick it to the dish turned upside down. Hold in place for a few seconds and leave to dry completely!

It looks super cute with rings, jewellery or hair grips and small bits and bobs in it! Don’t forget you can hide things like keys and coins underneath! Nobody will ever think to look there!

I shook a bit by accident when I took this photo, whoops!

Christmas Polaroids

You don’t need a Polaroid camera and they are so easy and cheap! They look great stuck on your wall or scattered on a desk!

What you need…

  • Paper or card
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Wrapping paper/Christmas photos or cards/ doodles

How to make them…

These are a very simple to make, all you do is cut a square of wrapping paper, Christmas paper or whatever you want as the picture and glue it down to the card or paper. Now cut around them with a larger bit of card at the bottom, so it is the shape of a Polaroid picture!

The possibilities are endless and you can have whatever you like as the picture!

And finallyyy…

Gold Christmas organiser board!

This has to be one of my favourites today, just because it looks so cool and the fact you can change the display window and clip lists and bits of paper to the pegs! It is so easy to make too!

What you need…

  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Silver washi tape
  • Used wrapping paper
  • Pen
  • Clear plastic
  • Sellotape
  • Two pegs

How to make it…

To start, cut a rectangle shape of cardboard as the back board of the organiser, then cover the entire thing with wrapping paper. Now stick the two pegs at the bottom with glue. Next cut a rectangle of plastic and glue the very edges down to cardboard except the top edge. Cover the edges with silver washi tape and finally cut it out. Then using glue, stick it down to the board above the pegs.

You can also make a sign that says something like, ‘ today is…’ And stick that above the window. Finally make some days of the week cards to slide into the window!

You will never feel unorganised again this Christmas, with a bit of a festive theme too!

I really hope you enjoyed this post and make some of these DIYs! I spent all day making them and I am honestly so happy with how they turned out! You can adapt them as you wish, and feel free to let me know any future ideas!

Happy DIY decorating!


The importantish bit!

I camera snap on Sony HX400v

I am doing Blogmas!

You lovely lot are amazingly!

Check out my previous post… ๐Ÿ™‚


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