25 Last Minute Gift Ideas

I decided to make a whopping big list of ideas to make or give people this Christmas-because I love these posts and you could say this post was a bit last minute aswell! 🙂 So if you too are panicking about what to get everyone for Christmas, just read on! Besides…there is only 6 days to go!

Happy Monday everybodyy!

It is the 19th day of Busy Blogmas!

I love ideas that get you inspired to make things and get wrapping presents, so what better than this lovely list? 🙂


  1. Make a hamper of handmade things
  2. Create a collage inspiration board ( a board with quotes and pictures and doodles)
  3. If they’re into sport, make them a big jar of sporty things!
  4. Get them a Christmas novelty mug (aw don’t you just love them?!)
  5. Make something out of polymer clay! Here are some ideas…
  6. Make a book of inspiration, yummy recipes or even quotes
  7. Buy a jar and fill it with biscuits or things the person loves!
  8. Make something recycled!
  9. If they’re into cooking, make them a big jar of cookie cutters
  10. Bake gingerbread or shortbread! Or make a mini village..!
  11. Print photos of you and the person and make them into polaroids or make a collage
  12. Get them some fairy lights…you can’t go wrong here!
  13. If they’re arty make them a big jar of art materials and tools…
  14. Get them a festive novelty hat (maybe a Christmas pud?!)
  15. Sew somehting…a cushion? A phone case? A toy?
  16. Make them a gadget case
  17. Get them a jar (I like jars ok?!) of bits of paper saying all the things you like about them!
  18. Make them a bunch of origami stars (they involve folding a strip of paper to make a star shape)
  19. Get them a new fun or novelty phone case or tablet/laptop case!
  20. Make them some fridge magnets!
  21. Make them a travel board game-cute!
  22. Buy them a novelty pencil case (xan you see a theme yet…?!)
  23. Make them a big glass bauble of their favourite sweets and chocolate!
  24. Make one of those boards with choc and sweet wrappers that include the names and makes a sentence!
  25. Get a jar and fill it with fairy lights-trust me this looks super pretty!

That’s it for this last minute list! I hope you liked some of the ideas and get making some! I love making presents instead of buying them, so why not give it a go?


Let me know if you liked any of the ideas! I apologise again for posting late!

Busy making,



You lovely lot are amazing! ❤


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