Recycled Wrapping Paper Decoration

Wrapping paper is super recylable, right! Er-wrong. Too much is wasted with everyone thinking is is recyled easily, but it isn’t like ordinary paper or cardboard…So I wanted to raise this fact and make this post! Reuse it instead of throwing it away!

Hello again you lovely lot! And happy 21st day of Busy Blogmas,

Sadly, wrapping paper isn’t as ‘recyclable’ as you would think…

According to this site, just in the UK alone, five million whole tonnes of paper waste goes to landfill-I couldn’t believe that! Wrapping paper isn’t just paper, it has plastic and glitter and other materials in it so it is NOT easy recyled at all. I know just by this post we won’t reduce this, but using it for other things like crafts or reusing it again can reduce it.

So I already made a post about how you can make cool things from wrapping paper, and it got the most likes EVER! That’s amazing! So here’s yet another way of reusing the paper!

A good friend of mine actually suggested this idea, and it was so cute! I loved the way you didn’t need to buy a lot (or anything) to make it, so I adapted the idea and I gave it a go!

Used Paper Christmas Tree!

What You will need…

  • Cardboard
  • Twine
  • Used wrapping paper/magazine cut outs/christmas paper/doodles
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Selotape

How to make it…

This is so simple yet fun, and it has so many variations!

Firstly cut some different sized pieces – rectangles and squares is what I did, but try triangles or circles instead! Stick the pieces of used paper overlapping on to the cardboard with a glue stick, creating a tree like shape. I think the more you layer it, the better it looks.

I also cut out a little Christmas tree from the paper and also a star and a triangle of gold. Don’t forget to make a star shape and stick it at the top!

To give you an idea of what I used…

  • Amazon packaging paper
  • Used wrapping paper
  • Magazine cut outs
  • I tried photocopying also from a magazine, but the ink had run out… 😦

Finally you use the scissors and carefully cut around the tree.

I made mine into a Christmas decoration, although you could quite easily make a larger version to put on the wall, make a greetings card or just leave it like that! To make it into a decoration, stick both ends of a bit of twine to the back at the top. Easy!

I hope you liked this quick decoration tutorial, and maybe you realised that you need to recycle more and realise not everything is so easily recycled… 😦

I was overwhelmed with how many likes the other recycling post got, let’s try get this one up there too and spread the word! ❤

Hope you are all having a lovely jubbly Wednesday!


Disclaimer: I always check links first, so cannot be responsible if they cause issues.


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