Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

I just can’t wait to give people gifts tomorrow-as I keep saying- I could easily wait a week to open presents, but I couldn’t wait until Monday to give people their presents! Maybe because a few are handmade? Maybe because I love watching other people open their presents! ❤

Hello everyone, and happy Christmas Eve!!

I can’t believe this is going to be this year’s last Busy Blogmas post (:(), but I will still be posting lots of DIYs, crafts, lists, tips and moooore as often as possible! I hope you lovely lot stick with me for 2017-it’s going to be an amazing year! I am thinking of making a post of looking back and 2017 goals-so watch this space! 😉

nosy blue tit (correct me if it isn’t one..!)

I hope you are all having a lovely time, whether you spend time with your family or just have a great relaxing time staying indoors-because I am doing a bit of both! I let little miss Reenie out into the whole garden (that isn’t her name if you were wondering…! Her full name is Carina but we call her Reenie! We adopted her from the pet shop because she had been taken back to the pet shop from previous owners…who knows why? But back to….) and so I grabbed my camera to snap some shots of her exploring and having such a great time!

Confused as to why she is on the OTHER side of the run!

You can tell when rabbits are happy, when they either sprint really fast or jump in the air and kick their back legs out! She kept doing this and it is so nice to see that she likes being let out into the whole garden a lot! Despite having a huge run normally! ❤ 🙂

You talking about me…?

It is always so tricky to get non blurred pictures of her when she is super exciteable and playful! And it is also a struggle when you go to take a shot but you have run out of memory…*sigh*


What are all of you excited for Christmas this year then? I think I am probably most excited for having a lovely Christmas dinner with everyone, or giving people presents of course! Whatever you do-enjoy it!! 🙂 ❤

I want to post this a bit early because I’m sure a lot of you-including me- will be shutting off from screens and stuff on Christmas eve!


And just a final shout-if you haven’t already, feel free to head over here, to enter my competition!

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Thank you so so much for all of the Blogmas support-oh you guys are the best! *Virtual hugs* ❤




19 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

  1. Your rabbit is too cute ! And I know everything about those blurred photos, I went through it with my dog haha. Have a happy holidays and happy new year and make sure to come again to my blog! More interesting things are about to be posted! 😊😊😊

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  2. I’d just like to mention something from Serendipidiy’s latest blog post…

    First of all-Off Topic. Stay away from blingodesign.com. Don’t accept anything nor answer any of blingodesign.com messages, comments or emails. It’s a fake blog. They contact you saying that you won a giveaway and after they ask for your address and you give it to them, they disappeared. There is nothing they can do with your address but still it isn’t nice to give it away to this liar, dishonest and fake blog. Spread the word guys, we don’t need people like that around here.

    Thanks everyone and merry Christmas x

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