Boxing Day by the Beach

I took a little break during Christmas and Boxing day-but I am definitely BACK! And with a super full post of all the photos I took whilst spending a lovely day at the beach for boxing day-oh and I took some cheeky arty shots of this morning’s frost-it looked beautiful!

Happy Happy Tuesday my little bees!

I had such a fun and lovely day on Boxing day-I packed up my camera and new present GoPro (I couldn’t believe it so thank you so much I have loved using it!!) and we headed off to the beach. It seems to be a bit of a tradition the day after Christmas, to go to a beach and have lunch or a picnic! I loved it all so much-so I had to make a huge post about my little camera snapping adventure… 🙂


When we arrived (after such a twisty turny journey, I was close to falling asleep in the car several times…!), we got straight on to a stoney beach with gorgeous weather and sunshine! It was a bit chilly so I wrapped up warm in a scarf and bobble hat and slung my camera over my neck to get some good shots before the sun went in!


I also wanted to just say-this beach must have had the SOFTEST sand everr..! There were huge stones and pebbles, then as you went down the beach it had super fine sand which even through wellies was so soft and nice to walk on! 🙂


I had so much fun taking pictures and we walked down the beach for a bit searching for tiny little pieces of washed up, smoothed off glass which sometimes just catches your eyes in between the tiny pebbles-I found a few which looked super beautiful and tiny! I also found a lot of pebbles with faces on them-although this one that looked a bit sad I simply had to draw on a happy smile with chalk! ❤

Finding faces on rocks!


We had a yummy picnic for lunch, then we were straight back to the beach to grab a few more shots of the lovely coast, this time I got my cheeky GoPro out and videoed the waves coming in because they were pretty choppy -probably because of the strong winds- and also some fun shots of my wellies on the pebbles! 🙂


Once we were finally exhausted and the sun was going down, we headed back to the car park and off we went-on the journey home, the sunset was AMAZING-I was so disappointed i couldn’t get proper shots of it because the trees were in the way and the window was misted up, but it truly looked stunning through the clouds and pink rainbow sky! Wow is all I can say!

This is the best I got…kinda artsy though?

Then I thought I would slip a few of these pictures in, because this morning I suddenly noticed how frosty the garden was so I grabbed my camera and went outside, not even bothering to get my coat (yup, probably a bad idea, I was very cold…)! Reenie as ever wasn’t bothered about the frosty grass and was determined to sit in ‘her corner’, I wonder if she can actually feel the cold through her fluffy feet?


So I took the opportunity to snap some frosty photos, and I was really happy with how they turned out – especially the one of Reenie’s mouth and the frosty grass! ❤


When I looked back at this, I was amazed at the detail of the frost spikes!

I hope you lot like them too! Did you all have a nice Boxing day? Do you always do something special or have any Boxing day traditions? I really hope you liked this rather packed post, and have an amazing 27th December! You’re all amazing so keep doing what you loove! ❤ 😉

Also I think you might like tomorrow’s post! Hopefully!


Frosty huuugs,


Enter my clay competition heere>> Winter Clay Competition! 🙂


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