DIY Mini Piñata!

I had seen a few of these adorable little mini piñatas recently…and I’m sure you all know how much I am a sucker for cute things…so I had to give them a go! I think this liddle guy (I’m going to call him Peter – don’t ask why..!) would look absolutely perfect on a wall in a lovely light, summery office or hung up from a thread by a window so he can look out!

Hello my lovely people from all over the world!

I have had such a busy day making just little Peter (that’s his name if you didn’t read the intro…!) -firstly I had to grab some tissue paper, then the whole glue stage takes absolutely ages because it was so slow at drying and then when I was finally finishing, the sun started to go down (so thanks a lot lighting…!) 🙂 You’ll have to let me off if the photos get dimmer and dimmer!



But I am so glad I decided to make him because I am now in love with his little face and paper fur!! I’m of course not claiming this idea as my own, I saw a few ideas online and decided to give it a go and make a tutorial for those who want it! 😉


The actual process is relatively easy, it was just waiting for everything to completely dry and then going on to the next stage! So I’m saying maybe leave a day to make this project properly!

Here’s how to make little Peter the Piñata!…

You will need…

  • Tissue paper in various colours
  • PVA glue
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush/glue spreader
  • Cardboard
  • Masking tape (or other tape)
  • Pencil
  • Magazine or newspaper
  • Sweets if you want to fill them! ❤


How to make it…

Firstly I used a pencil to sketch out my design on to cardboard. He measures about 9cm by 8cm and you could always make his neck longer so it resembles more of a llama or make him a completely different shape, but I went with quite a ‘piñata’ shape!


You then need to cut carefully around it and then trace again on to the cardboard so you have two ‘sides’. Make sure they are both roughly the same!

I also cut out a long strip of cardboard.


Next you want to attach the cardboard strip vertically to the edge of the cut out shape with a little bit of masking tape/ Then begin wrapping it around the entire edge (although leave a gap for a lid if you want to…). Keep securing with tape and folding when you get to corners and points.


You should be left with this…


Don’t worry if it looks messy at this stage either, it will soon look a LOT better! 🙂

Now once everything is secure, it’s the papier mache stage…With some glue in a tray, apply with a paintbrush a thin layer of the PVA to the cardboard and gradually stick tiny shreds of magazine/newspaper overlapped down to cover the entire surface. This is probably the bit that takes the longest!

And leave to dry (it is actually useful to have a flap that opens because you can leave your pinata to dry by sticking it on top of an upright glue bottle because then no gluey bit will touch the work surface! Clever huh?)

I had planned to paint white after the glue had dried so you couldn’t see through the tissue paper (it didn’t need it in the end) but I ran out of time!


Whilst it dries, tear off some tissue paper, cut it into strips a couple of centimetres wide with scissors and cut slits all along the edge.

Top tips: cut the strips in half and then place on top of each other and carry on to speed up this process.

Also, I think the closer the slits, the better because the pinata is so small!


It is actually ok if your papier mache is only semi-dry because you will only be sticking more things over it, but you should really let it dry a bit first.

Then you can start with the decorating!

Get the tiny little tissue paper bits, apply a little glue to the pinata and layer them on! Start at the very bottom and do a few layers on top of each other, then add layers ever so slightly higher up, and so on…You could have random colours, or make stripes like I chose to do! Don’t forget the sides (try keep the same pattern all the way round) and the flap.

Do not glue the flappy bits of tissue paper-only the tops of the pieces.


Once all the tissue paper is done, it should look something along the lines of this…

Leave the flap open so it doesn’t glue shut…


Yay! Your little pet pinata is so nearly done, now just add an eye (black paper or card) and a washi tape harness if you’re feeling really fancy-or even a blanket on his back! Cuute!


Once dry-all done! ❤ 😉 Now is the stage where you can fill him with sweets! Yay!


So cute!

I really love this little DIY, it was a lot of fun to make! Perfect for summer parties or kids activities! It is such a wonderful thing to make and I adore him! ❤

I hope you all have fun giving him a go, or just reading this post! Let me know of any future ideas, and whether you liked this DIY? 🙂


Happy party hugs,



39 thoughts on “DIY Mini Piñata!

  1. I’m so happy to meet another Busy Bee on the web, and even happier to meet Peter the Piñata. He is adorable! I wouldn’t be able to bear breaking him open. I’m so in love with your blog and can’t wait to see what 2017 brings for you. All the best!

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