10 Acts of Self-Love for 2017

Sometimes you may be so busy doing things, working, at school or a job, searching and viewing things online, looking after other people, doing jobs…that you forget to give yourself some good old ‘me’ time! Time where you can simply kick back, grab a magazine and a hot drink and just breeeathe!

Good morning, good afternoon, good eveening everybody!

I think it’s easy to forget how to actually have that important time where you can properly relax when you are super busy with that massive pile of homework, or just non stop clicking and swiping and scrolling online. So I thought, this year, instead of doing that common, ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ post (don’t get me wrong, they’re great..!), I’d make this post, all about loving yourself, staying a little happy unicorn and just being able to RELAX!

I think this post is pretty useful, so I’m certainly going to try and stick to all the points if I can! πŸ™‚

Here’s my list of little acts of Self-love and happiness! Yay! ❀

  • Turn off your phone and step away!…Whether you are constantly checking a tablet or phone, or just often on your laptop for hours on end, stop. Take a step back. And do something else, play a board game or read a book-I can PROMISE that after just half an hour or even an hour of reading, you’ll be lost in a different world, and it relaxes you so well! (Especially good if you want to get to sleep quicker!) zzz

This is Reenie when she explored her shed that her own hutch is in…she was very confused as to why she was on the other side of the hutch!

  • Make a jar and fill it with positive thoughts! I really want to give this one a go this year, every month or week (or even day) you write something happy or positive on a piece of paper, fold it up, and pop it in the jar. By the end of a year, you can look back and realise what great little things happened, from acts of kindness, to things that made you laugh!

  • Go for a morning walk or run. If you are just waking up and either being super busy with work, or just lazing around doing…well, nothing, your body will feel even more tired, agitated or stressed. Put it to one side. Take a walk or a stroll and take some photos if you like, but just enjoy the fresh air, and you will feel a lot more energised! It works to boost your mood!

Oh the cutesie!…

  • Drink more water. Yes, yes, I know-the obvious one. But it has been proven to work and DOES work! Even if it’s just a couple of spis every twenty minutes, it will boost your health, and mood! water has a whole range of benefits from giving you glowing skin (less water can lead to dry looking skin or even wrinkled looking.), to relieving tiredness. After drinking water, it may make you feel healthier and fresher, which leads to a happier mood, which leads to good choices!

Reenie first meets Peter the PiΓ±ata!

  • It’s ok to have a cosy night in watching a film and eating treats! Self love doesn’t ONLY have to be eating healthily, every now and again it can be lovely to relax and have a ‘me’ evening where you can properly relaax. Plus that chocolate bar doesn’t half taste deelicious! ❀

  • Do what you truly love! You may have a hobby you absolutely love doing, or maybe you just haven’t had time to get round to doing it, so this 2017, MAKE time, your wellbeing is a ton more important than work, right? ❀

Time to explore the Christmas tree…

  • Eat Healthily. As I said, it is really great to eat treats and yummy things, but it is just as mood-boosting to eat well, because it has been proved that what you eat depends on how happy you feel. And you can notice it! Yes-eating that delicious biscuit made you happy-for a short while. But after you’ve eaten it, you don’t feel too healthy, right? Well pick up that banana-feel better? It works!

  • Write down on paper or in a book/journal 10 things you are proud of and 5 things that made you happy this month/week! It’s a small act, but will make you feel just a little bit happier!
  • Write on a tiny piece of paper a happy message, such as ‘You are looking fabulous today’, or ‘remember you are as happy as a unicorn’ and leave it in a public place, so the next person who finds it will read it. This will make you feel good that you made someone smile! (But remember to check if it’s ok with the land owner/shop owner first!)

Curious Reenie…

  • Just remember-you are AMAZING! When you are too busy to even do things you love doing, you can never forget how amazing you are, and that all you need to do is smile and believe in yourself a liddle more!

There are ten things I think everyone should do to practise that all important ‘me’ time! I hope this list was of use, let me know of lots more ways to be happy or love yourself more!

You lovely lot are the beest!



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