DIY Mini Sock Hand Hotties!

Don’t you just hate it when your sleeves aren’t long enough, so you get cold hands? Well I certainly do, so I came up with this rather handy, pocket size microwaveable hottie! You can simply slip it into your pocket when you go out in the cold, or if you have a small muscle pain, hold it on that-it is so handy, and super duper easy!

Hello again DIY lovers!

I know I missed a few days, but as I mentioned in my Self Love post, it is so important to take time off every now and again and just do things you want to do. And if you don’t really feel like rushing a post just for the sake of it, then you don’t have to! because I like to spend a good amount of time to make my posts look good, so if I’m rushing to take photos before the sun goes down, they’re not exactly going to be…well quality! 😉


But anyway, here i am yet again with a Wintery DIY to keep your cold fingers warm and cosy! I enjoyed making this DIY a lot, because I used an old fluffy sock (that was too small) and that had just literally been sat in my drawer – it deserved some justice! And you only need a microwave for this to work, and a few other materials you quite probably have lying around your house, or you can pick them up cheap from a supermarket!


One final thing to mention, is that this little make can be altered in soo many ways and adapted by adding a cute face with a needle and thread (definitely do not use glue or add anything plastic in case it melts in the microwave) or changing the size and shape!

So here’s how to make a cute mini hand-warmer!…

DIY Mini Hand Hottie

Requires little sewing, few skills and…an old sock! It’s a totally unique hand warmer!


You Will Need…

  • 100% cotton, old (clean) sock – the fluffier the better!
  • Dried/uncooked rice (or barley, flax, corn)
  • Scissors
  • Needle
  • Thread (100% cotton)
  • A microwave (to heat up)
  • Optional: essential oils (lavender, lemon…)
  • Cold hands ( :P)


How to Make it…

I chose to reuse an old fluffy sock, instead of an ordinary sock, because a) it won’t have any plastic in, or meltable materials, and b) because it will stay heated longer, and keep your hands warm but not burn them.

With the fluffy sock, use the scissors to carefully cut the ‘toe’ of the sock off. I cut about 10cm up the sock (or more) so it is the perfect ‘pocket size’ hottie. You should have a hole at on end to fill later on.

Also, make sure the line you cut is roughly straight, not all wobbly, so it looks neater! 😉


Then hold open the top of the sock (or get someone else to hold it!) and grab a handful of rice and carefully pour it inside…I say carefully, because half ended up all over my floor! Whoops…

Fill the rice (or chosen natural filling) almost to the top of the sock.


Next, you want to thread your needle (if you don’t know how, click here!) and make it double, then tie a knot at the end…yup, I deliberately didn’t show the photo of my knot at the end because, well…it looked like a furball…I can’t tie knots ok?! 😀


And now begin to sew (I think blanket stitch is your best bet at keeping all the rice in) the open end up with a tight stitch, so it is close together and nothing will tip out. 🙂


When you have finished stitching, tie a knot, and snip the thread off.


Yay! All finished-I am in love with this suer easy and useful DIY (I told you how easy it was..!) and now all you have to do is pop it in the microwave for a short time! 🙂


I am so glad at how this came out, plus I reckon this would be such a great handmade gift to give to a friend or family member! I hope you give it a go, because I really enjoyed making it! Enjooy!


Let me know of any more DIY ideas, and what YOU wanna see from mee! ❤


Have an amazing day…and weekend everybody!

Cosy, wintery hugs!


Disclaimer: I always check links first, so cannot be responsible for any issues caused… 😦


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