7 Ways to Keep Rabbits Entertained!

Rabbits and small pets/animals can’t exactly be taken on walks or play fetch (unless you have a special rabbit lead) but that doesn’t mean they don’t need any exercise or play time! Rabbits are so (at least reenie is) exciteable and happy when they have the right space and toys they need! You don’t need a massive budget anyway-in fact you hardly need a budget at all!

Hello fellow pet owners and pet lovers!

Reenie is my rabbit and she loves to play, so you can tell when she’s bored. She might sit in her big run staring at the edge as if she wants to explore the garden again, or she might gnaw the fence, so I came up with a list of things you can do to keep them entertained and happy!

Firstly, if you are letting an animal outside of their run or cage, ABSOLUTELY make sure the garden is rabbit/animal-proof and any gaps in fences or escape routes are blocked off and SECURE. You don’t want a confused and bewildered rabbit sat on the pavement outside, do you? ❤


So once you know your little animal can’t get out, or come to any harm (make sure all tools, sharp things and ponds etc are covered or blocked off), they’re going to want a few things to keep them busy! That’s why I made this cheeky list!

Oh, and another thing I thought I’d mention is how to tell when they are happy and their brain is stimulated enough! Rabbits do this thing (possibly called a ‘binky’?) where they jump a little in the air and twist their body or kick their back legs, and often will run really fast suddenly-this means they are enjoying themselves and are having fun! If your rabbit sits and cleans themselves, runs around a lot or explores a lot, it’s highly likely they are happy and content!


So here is a list of things and DIYs you can do to have a happy bunny!

  1. Rabbits often will choose their own toys…a.k.a, a plant pot…!


So, I have tried putting out tonnes of homemade toys or cardboard boxes, bought toys etc…but often rabbits like to find their own toys and make their own toys instead! I block off the tunnel at night so nothing can get in her hutch with a plastic plant pot, but Reenie decided to adopt that pot as her own, and (I think it’s because it rolls and moves on its side!) she will entertain herself for ages by jumping and hopping in circles around it! It can be very funny to watch and she loves to play with it, so let your rabbit find an object they love!


    2. Fill a cardboard box…

I like to make my own little treat boxes and treat stashes for Reenie to discover and have to work out how to get the treats, this is such good brain stimulation and fun for them too!


All you need to do is stuff a cardboard box or tube with hay, then in between the hay, add dandelion leaves, thyme, herbs and plants edible to rabbits-they should find it and dig around to get the nice smelling treats from inside!


What I did once, was fill cardboard tubes with hay and dandelion leaves then hang them up by a string to the top of her little run, so she would sniff them and get the treats! Yum! 😉


This is probably my favourite DIY you can make for them, because it gives them a tasty snack whilst exercising and entertaining them! ❤

     3. Have hidey places and levels…

If you let rabbits out into a safe garden, a plain grass garden isn’t going to be very exciting from a rabbit’s pont of view, although they can get exercise, they need entertainment too!


To make sure they have PLENTY of places to explore, a garden with levels (like a raised deck or patio, grass and steps) is perfect.  A garden that stretches for miles, yet doesn’t have any interesting factors, compared to a garden that is a standard size with lots of different textures, items and levels, well…doesn’t even compare!

Also, patios and hard surfaces wear away their claws, keeping them short which is a bonus!


My rabbit loves exploring little hidey places and planters and passages behind the shed, it keeps her very entertained for a loong time! 😉


If your garden does have a lot of points of interest, make sure to keep an extra eye on them, in case they get into any trouble!


      4. Old toys make good rabbit toys…

If you have an old, unused football, wooden toy or plant pot that is perfectly rabbit – proof, feel free to see if your rabbit likes it, instead of throwing it away! Footballs are especially good because they roll and move, so when the rabbit nudges them, it moves, so they might do it again and play around! Give it a go!


      5. Few bought toys…

Personally, pet toys can be very pricey, yet animals often prefer handmade cardboard box houses and cardboard tubes, so I often make cardboard toys for my rabbit, but a couple of bought toys can be a success!


If you are thinking of buying toys, wicker balls or hay balls are successful, especially if they are really chewable, then your rabbit may completely destroy them and enjoy doing so! Another good purchase would be a hay tunnel, or wicker tunnel-if big enough, rabbits love to go through them, especially as in the wild they would have burrows and have to tunnel. Also, a small cardboard house or structure can be good, but really, you can make one of these from just a cardboard box with a door cut out! Or make one out of wood!


      6. High Look-outs…

Maybe it’s because they like to be able to see everything and be at higher ground, maybe it’s because they feel safer, but my rabbit especially loves to sit up somewhere high or safe! She has a wooden house which she loves to jump up and sit on for a bit! Make sure they have somewhere out of ‘harms way’ even though there are little dangers, their instinct doesn’t know that! If you can’t have anywhere high up, have somehwere they can shelter or hide. 🙂


Reenie actually chewed a little hidey hole under this rosemary bush…


      7. Lastly, SNACKS!…

I’m sure there’s nothing that keeps little animals more entertained than snacks….EVERYWHERE! Whether you have lots of deelicious smelling herbs and plants, or twigs, leaves and grass everywhere, who doesn’t love a good snack?! You could even hide some carrot chunks or leaves in places they have to discover them! This is a fool proof entertainment!


Rabbits have a strange obsession with leaves…..



That’s my little list of ways to a happy, entertained bunny! I hope you all like this more lifestyley post today, I had a loot of fun camera snapping and making Reenie treat boxes! I hope, if you have a small pet, you give these a go, or just enjoyed reading!

I smell…SNACKS!

Have an aweesome day you aMAZing people!

Rabbity hugs,



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21 thoughts on “7 Ways to Keep Rabbits Entertained!

  1. Hi Reenie – TINK here (nickname for TinkerToy, the guest-blogging Shih Tzu – found on my Mom’s blog, ADDandSoMuchMORE.com). I guess your mom missed the invite, but I just had a GREAT blog party. [TinkerToy’s FIRST Meet and Greet for 4-legses].

    Come on over and leave a link to this post (or another about you – not your 2-legs) to introduce yourself to some other fascinating 4-legses around the web. We’re a really fun club.

    We don’t have many rabbits yet, and some of these ideas sound great for dogs and cats too! The “party rules” are simple and you can read all about ’em.

    Woof! TINK

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  2. This post was so good! I can identify with soon many things on your list! As I had rats! They didn’t go outside though because my neighbourhood is FULL of cats! But as I have a pretty big room, I had a corner where they would play in. 😉❤️xxx

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