DIY Matchbox Mouse House

This absolutely adorable mini mouse house is such a cute, fun little set to play with, or have looking cute on the side! It’s really easy to make, and definitely rewarding! Squee! Here’s the tutorial on how to make your very own matchbox mouse house!…

Hey there everybodyy from all over the world,

There is now a whole load of creative mess ALL over my bedroom floor-paper, cardboard, paint, fairy lights-EVERYWHERE..!


Luckily, it was all worth it, because now I have a super cute little house for mices, and I am very glad I made it! I hope you all give it a go if you like it, because it isn’t tricky, and it’s a great little game to make your own little scenes in a matchbox! 🙂


I had a matchbox lying around that I had been wanting to make something out of – because there are always soo many things you can make from them…But I couldn’t decide what exactly to make! So when this idea popped into my head-I was straight away making and camera snapping it for you guys! ❤


Here’s how to make this adorable DIY….

DIY Matchbox Mouse House!

I am in love with this game and cute matchbox! it’s so easy to make too!


You Will Need…

  • Old matchbox (emptied of matches)
  • Acrylic Paint (in white, brown and yellow/orange)
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Pen (I used Uni pin 0.2)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (Pritt stick or PVA)
  • Paintbrush
  • Red pen (fineliner)


How to make it…

To start, squeeze out some white acrylic paint (Titanium white) and a teeny amount of brown (Burnt Umber) on to a piece of cardboard or a paint pallet. Mix it with the paintbrush until you have a very light beige colour!



With the light beige paint, cover the entire surface of the outer layer of the matchbox. You may only need one coat, but if not, once dry, apply another layer.

Tip: to stop the paint drying out, cover with cling film whilst the first layer dries!


Now you want to grab a piece of ordinary paper (I just used an offcut) and paint a strip of yellowy orange acrylic paint.

This is for the colour of the cheeses!


Whilst the paint dries (I put it on the windowsill in the warm sun to dry) grab the inside draw of the matchbox and sketch using a pencil the rough objects for isnide the mouse house. The theme I went for is a living room/bedroom so I drew an arc door, a big wardrobe, and a little cheese in a picture frame! ^-^


You could add little mouse ears to the top of the wardrobe like I did!

After you are happy with the outlines, feel free to go over carefully with a fineliner pen!


Then using a rubber, get rid of all the pencil marks so it looks neater! 🙂

Ignore the grubby rubber… 😉


Now, if your orange paint has dried, grab some scissors and cut some tiny triangle shapes from it! feel free to round off the corners slightly.


Next with the red pen, draw on some tiny circles on the ‘cheeses’!


Apply some PVA glue or glue stick to the back of each of the dinky cheeses and stick them firmly down to the surface of the matchbox!

If you use PVA, let it dry, and don’t use too much! if some squeezes out the edges, use a finger or a tissue to clear it off.


And now for making the pieces that go inside! ❤

Simply use a pen to draw out the little pictures, use mine as a guide if you wish! Also make sure you are drawing them in proportion to the size of the matchbox!

My doodles were…2 little mice, a football, cheese, book, TV, and a briefcase/suitcase!


Then for the next stage, use a glue stick to stick down all the tiny pieces on to a thick bit of cardboard! Remember to leave gaps in between them, because you want to leave a tiny border.


Go ahead and cut carefully around them with scissors.


Now put them to one side…

Your box and cheeses should all be dry, so use a pen to draw tiny words in between the cheese… I wrote things like, ‘squeak’, ‘yum’ and ‘snuffle’! 😉


All you need to do now is place the little pieces inside, and have fun making different scenes!


I hope you all enjoyed reading about this easy but cuute DIY! If you enjoyed it, I can always make similar things with different themes or backgrounds to add to your little mouse house! 😉


Someone really likes her new friends…

I had lots and lots of fun making this, so give it a go if you liked it! (I’m sure nobody will mind if you tip all the matches out just so you can use the box….)!


Happy crafting everyonee!



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