How to Draw…In the Jungle

I love jungle animals – so I made this post, on how to draw lots of cute cartoony animals, from monkeys to sloths! I love doodling a lot, so making posts about it is such fuun! I hope you all like having a sneaky peek at my doodles, and have a go yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Sunday everybodyy!

I hope you lovely lot are having a great day, and seeing as my previous doodles post about how to draw under the sea (linked below) went down soo well, I made another with a different theme: in the Jungle! Previous Post.

I think I love these little guys just as much as the sea creatures, so I hope you stay and take a look at them all! I really enjoy making these ‘how tos’! ๐Ÿ™‚


And a quick hug to each and every one of you! I ust reached 300 FOLLOWERS yesterday – that’s incredible! I can’t wait for all the future posts I have planned! โค Thank youu all x

Here’s how to draw Jungle animals doodles!…

How to Draw Jungle Animals (in my style)

You Will Need…

(obviously just a pen and paper, but if you want to do more with the doodles, read on…)

  • Pen (today I used Graphik 0.1) or pencil
  • Paper/card
  • Scissors


  • Cardboard
  • String
  • Tape/blu tac


Doodle #1

Cedric the Sloth

This big lazy ball of friendliness couldn’t look less scary!…

To start this doodle, draw a spikey/fluffy rounded head at a bit of an angle.


Then draw down a long arm with three little claws at the end, and a short line on the other shoulder going upwards.


Now draw a long slanted line going down just above his head (this is the tree branch) and a little hand popping up behind the branch. ๐Ÿ™‚


Add the top line of the tree branch!


Next you want to draw quite a rounded shape along his back and a leg going up and wrapping around the branch.


Then draw a jagged line joining up the arm and the leg.


And now draw a circle within his head close to the edges, but don’t make a full circle – leave a gap where his neck is!


Add on the sleep eyes (U shapes), two little dots for nostrils, and a wide smile so he looks all sleepy! ๐Ÿ˜‰


To finish adding details, draw tiny spikes (V shapes) all over his fur so it looks more spikey and fluffy!


This is the optional stage – you can use scissors to carefully cut around Cedric, leaving a mm or two border. โค




Zoomed in – your sloth should look something like this!…


Doodle #2

Terry Toucan

This guy’s beak looks a bit big for him…but it makes him all the more loveable! โค

First, draw a square/round head and a curved line going down.


Then add another line curving slightly the other way as his tummy!


Draw on his beak! Make a long horizontal line, that then curves down to a spike. Also add a line underneath the beak.


For the patterns on the beak, I did an arrow sort of shape, and two lines either side.

You can also draw a little eye!


Next you can add a tummy and some little feet at the front of the base.


Then cut out carefully with the scissors!

Terry is finished!


Doodle #3

Mrs Monkey

This little monkey looks cute, especially hung up by string because it looks like she is swinging! ^-^

Draw a little round head with two tiny ears, the head should be slightly slanted.


Then add a long arm reaching up, with a fist on top and another long arm hanging down. ๐Ÿ™‚


Next you can draw on some dangly legs.


Add two little eyes, a big oval nose beneath them and a circle tummy!


I also added a cheeky banana to his hand…


Cut carefully around as before, leaving a tiny border!


Doodle #4

Teeny Lizard

He’s just so tiny! With his little three fingers and his little smile!

To start off, draw a diagonal oval head, and two front arms with sets of three fingers.


Then you want to draw lines from both arms diagonally down, then add two more arms with sets of three fingers like before!


Now add a wiggly tail.


Then two little eyes, two nostrils andย  a mouth…


You can put some spots on his back for detail if you wish!


Then, like before, cut it out (if you want to!)


Doodle #5

Paul the Parrot

I like this little guy a lot, and if you coloured him in in reds and blues and yellows – I’m sure he’d look even more fabulous! :0

Firstly, draw a small round head and a slightly curved line going down (this its back).


Next, draw a rounded tummy down the front.


Then you are going to want to draw its tail feathers on, by drawing a bumpy line down and up again…(see picture below!)


To draw the feathers on the wing and tail, you draw little U shapes overlapping. Do this very small and on several layers. ๐Ÿ™‚


Finally to finish the drawing, you simply draw two lines as the tree branch, and a little foot, as well as an upside down U shape for a ‘happy eye’!


If you want it cut out, go ahead with the scissors leaving a border like before.


Zoomed in…all done!


Doodle #6


This big happy hippo is a great addition to the jungle!

Start off by drawing the hippo’s head-a shape that gets smaller as it goes down, but look at the picture if you are not sure what I mean…


Then draw two tiny ears on his head, and two legs and a tummy. Also add two legs behind the first two.


Now join up the back legs with the neck by making a big arc clockwise all the way round.


Then you can also draw a little spike tail, some big toenails, an eye and two little nostrils at the front of his nose!


For the last details, draw a little shine on his back (a curved line) and a smile at the bottom of his chin. ๐Ÿ™‚


Use scissors to cut out carefully once again…


Doodle #7

Pinky the Flamingo

Although you may not think Pinky really fits in to the jungle theme, all his jungly friends think he does!…

First, draw a tall backwards ‘S’ shape.


Then carry on from the backwards ‘S’ shape, to an arc and a little flick for his tail!


Then join up the tail to his head.


Next you can draw on his skinny legs. Do this by drawing a straight line down with a knobbly knee, and then another line very close to it. Then you can also draw the second leg going backwards then forward, so it is lifted up. ๐Ÿ™‚


Also don’t forget to add a small beak, and little triangle feet on the end of his legs!


For some little details, add a big winf=g on the body and you can also add sideways ‘v’ shapes on it.

I also drew a tiny eye on his head.


Then cut around him carefully leaving a border of a mm or two…


You can also shade in his beak in pen if you like! โค


Well that’s all the animals drawn! I also had a bit of an idea of hanging them up by string to make a sort of mobile, or just as decoration in your room! If you have time, glue them down to cardboard and cut around them again for an even more polished look!

So you can have a look what they look like hung up from string and blu tac…quite cool i you ask me!


And here is all of my new Jungle friends together!


I really hope you guys like these new doodles, let me know which is your favourite out of them! (I love them all I couldn’t choose!) ๐Ÿ˜‰


As you can tell I love doodling, so if you want another one of these posts with a different theme, I might do that! Yay! โค

Jungle hugs,


How to Draw…Under the Sea


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  1. Omg how do u cut like that. Whenever I’m cutting a doodle or anything else I end up cutting the character’s arm or butt or something. Sweet doodles ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•

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