Q&A Part Two

You all gave so many amazing questions in the first half in the comments, which made me super happy-so I couldn’t wait to give my answers! I tried to answer as many as I could, so if yours wasn’t answered, maybe I will do a second Q&A! 🙂

Hello everybody from all over the world!

About a week ago, I posted this post here, where I asked you all to give me questions about anything at all in the comments, and you didn’t disappoint me at all! I was so excited to answer them all, so take a look below to learn more about me! ❤



Societiesdiary asked.I have the most important question in the world. Sweet (candy, cake, ice cream etc..) or savory (pizza, fries, burgers)?

Ooh a tricky one, well first I don’t eat meat…but I usually prefer savoury things for some reason! I think I would choose pizza over sweet things!

Mahriya@MyBookishLife asked….Your hobby apart from doodling?

Probably photography (at least trying..!) and making things!

And…favourite colour?

Grey, or a grey-blue?!

Emmaya asked….What inspired you to be called Tabi Bee?

It’s quite logical really, obviously my name is Tabi, and the because my blog is called ‘Busy Bee’, I sort of mashed the two to make Tabi Bee! 🙂

Mrs P asked….What is your favourite cheese?

Anything strong and crumbly…actually no-smoked cheese (MMM)!


And…How did you get into crafting?

I started by finding cereal boxes and cardboard in the recycling boxes and just making new things out of them, oh and because I love making cute things..! ❤

Lifeofcreativityblog asked….What is your favourite dessert?

Mmm…apple crumble! ❤ 😉

Alli (Wormal) asked…. What do you want to do career-wise when you grow up?

I would basically love to do anything to do with art…a children’s illustrator would be cool, or maybe some sort of designer? 🙂

Rosinalee asked…. When did you start drawing and why?

I have been drawing since I was soo little, and have always loved it because of the characters you can create, and completely make whole worlds just by drawing them!

Jadeanna31 asked…. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

A picture of a little stoney beach where I went on holiday (my most recent holiday 🙂 )

The Stylish Dreamer asked…Describe yourself in three words!

Doodly, happy and crafty… ( 😀 )

gbtc blog asked…. What is your favourite blog to read?

I love reading anything with cute DIYs and Lifestyle posts, hmm that’s a tricky one and there are too many good ones out there that I love! Anything cute will do! 😉

I’m so sorry if I couldn’t answer your question this time – but I am sure there will be another Q&A, so for now, I really hope you liked my answers! I tried my best to give interesting ones!

it’s Pusheeen!

Another big thank youu for your amazing questions, I hope you maybe learnt something new about me, or just enjoyed reading! Are you having a good day today everyone? I hope you are!

Happy hugss,



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