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A lot of Favourites posts seem to be all about beauty products – nothing to do with craft, not a lot to do with lifestyley things, and they all seemed a bit full of one type of thing…And I didn’t really want that, so here are my Little Lifestyle and craft Favourites for January!

Hey there people from all over the world!

I hope you have all had time to sit back, relax and just breeathe this Sunday, or did something you love, and if not, then enjoy this post instead! Get comfy and read on! ❤

So, as I said, Favourites posts are often quite samey, and seeing as I am a big believer of uniqueness, I thought I’d make it a liddle bit more lifestyley and crafty, and let you all know what things I have been loving to craft with this month and books and all round super cute things! 😉

As you all know, I love making cute things, doodling and posting DIYs for you lovely lot, but I often have certain things and materials I use for ages, just because they are so amazing..! So I made this post to show you what I use! 🙂

Here are my Little Lifestyle Favourites for this January!…

Molang Diary

I recently purchased this absolutely adorable little diary and I am so happy that I did. With a faux leather outer (I chose mine in a teal/blue colour, other colours available) and beautiful quality pages, this has to be THE most perfect diary ever! It also has two little cartoon doodles on each page, which are honestly the cutest! (I didn’t photograph the inside because of copyright 😦 )


Another great thing about the Molang Diary has to be that it doesn’t have designated dates and months – which for me is going to be super useful, mainly because January is nearly over, and because I can write in whatever month I feel like! This diary is the perfect pocket size too, so would fit perfectly into a handbag or rucksack, it’s not too bulky, it’s super cute and it has a pen holder at the back too! What more could you want from a diary? ❤


The Molang Diary I purchased retails on Amazon for £4.70


Fimo Gloss Varnish

I think I have raved about this craft luxury enough already, but thought I’d better mention it again (just because it’s amazing..!) I make little cute things out of clay a lot, and especially recently, I have loved experimenting by varnishing the creations.


Now sometimes it looks very effective, but other times it doesn’t look too great, however this Fimo Gloss Varnish always seems to make them look good! You simply use a paintbrush to apply a layer to the clay and leave to dry for roughly 15-20 minutes. You can apply several layers until the desired shininess is reached! This varnish is water-based, and in the pot form, so it doesn’t include a brush.

Fimo Gloss Varnish is sold on Amazon for £5.23

Hand Warmers

January has been so so chilly, and when you are outside, hand warmers seem to be the only thing to keep you warm! You can buy several hand warmers with really cute designs, but you can also make them yourself out of an old sock, that are perfectly microwaveable! The tutorial here, shows you how to upcycle an old fluffy sock that no longer fits, into a brand new, super useful way to keep your hands warm in winter!


Uni Ball Signo broad Gel Pens

I have been absolutely in love with the effect these gel pens give on black or brown card! The ink is super liquidy, and it comes out easily too. I have these gel pens in the colours gold and white (I think I also have silver somewhere..!), and personally I use the white one a lot more, just because the gold seems a bit Christmassy for some reason! But on a contrasting piece of card (such as cardboard) the effect these pens give is stunning!


These pens are sold on Amazon at £6.00


There is an example of them in action in a post here.


I am Pusheen the Cat ~ Claire Belton

Squee! Isn’t Pusheen just the cutest? If you are a fellow Pusheen-lover, then you can relate! This book has lots of the funny illustrations of Pusheen getting into all sorts of mischief, and I must have read through it ten times already!


If you haven’t already met Pusheen, well let me introduce you to your new favourite tubby tabby! Pusheen is an illustrated cat (although is actually real! ❤ ) and you can buy all sorts of merchandise with Pusheen’s adorable little face on it, but this book is basically the first thing you should purchase when it comes to Pusheen!



The illustrations are of the most gorgeous quality, and the book is actually pretty thick! I basically laughed at almost every page too! This is one of those books you always go back to if you’re having a bad day. 🙂

I am Pusheen the Cat (paperback) is priced on Amazon at £6.99

Copper Acrylic Paint

I am super obsessed with copper this January, and when you combine DIY with copper – well, surely that is the perfect match?


Well, as always, Daler Rowney System 3 acrylics feel top quality! So this paint was no different!

When you apply the copper to whatever surface, it doesn’t look very copper-like or metallic, but that is only because it hasn’t had time to dry! Once it is dry, and you have applied several coats, the colour looks a lot more coppery!


However, you may still be able to see brush marks, so don’t expect it to look 100% like real copper. Despite this, I am definitely going to be coming back to this paint again and again! It is a great product to have if you love shiny, metallic looks for crafting. ❤


System 3 Copper Acrylic Paint is sold on Amazon for £6.99

There is an example of it in use in a post here.

Uni Pin Fineliners

I have gone on and on and ON about these drawing essentials! But they are simply the best I have ever come across, so I have to mention them!


I have a set of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5 and 0.8.

These pens feel so smooth to draw with, they are really inky, but not so much that they smudge easily or bleed into paper, and they make a good, consistent line. I love the fact they are waterproof and fade-proof, meaning if you want to put teabags on paper, it doesn’t smudge! Uni pin fineliners are just the best all-rounder pens I have found yet to draw with! I am in love with them, and they are most certainly a pencil case essential!


You can purchase Uni Pin Fineliners at Amazon for £6.09

That’s all of my favourite little Lifestyley bits and bobs (whatever you want to call them!) for this month, I really hope you guys enjoyed this post! ❤

What are your favourite craft staples?

Crafty hugs,


Disclaimer: I always test links, so cannot be held responsible for nay issues caused.

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  1. There is a super cute YouTuber called “Krist and yu” (her other channel is “Krist soup”) she sometimes posts monthly favourites that aren’t just about makeup. Her channel is so creative and original I think you would like it.

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