Little Ways to Declutter Your Life

I know it can seem like *everyone* says a tidy workspace makes you more productive – but it is ACTUALLY true! I can absolutely promise that after you have organised all that creative MESS, you will be so ready to be super productive and feel happier!

Hey there everyone!

Am I using the word ‘Little’ too much in my titles..? 😉 Well I couldn’t think of anything else to call this post without it sounding super super booring, so it will do!

Anyways, I had a bit of a declutter and organise of my room at the weekend, just because my desk gets to the point where I literally cannot see any desk left, there’s just so much JUNK on top of it…! It was finally time to tackle that creative mess and organise it all!


I know it seems like a lot of people say that a tidy workspace boosts your productivity and mood, but it’s actually true! If I have a neat and organised workspace, I’ll probably draw, work or read, whereas if I am surrounded with mess, I won’t, and I will just be on my phone or doing something completely the opposite of being productive!

So here are my tips on how to organise and declutter your life!. . .

  • Make cute things to organise mess!

I love making cute things, but I love it even more you can make something cute that keeps pens, paintbrushes and pencils together in one place, or a whiteboard to go on your wall reminding you to finish off that project or essay! Even a cute notebook you can easily decorate and use as an ‘organisey book’ to write down everything you need to remember and do! ^-^


  • Don’t let the messiness build up!

I can’t tell you how many times (and I’m sure I’m not the only one!) where I have looked at the floorthatiscoveredwitheverysinglecraftsupplyintheworld and just thought, oh it’s fine I’ll tidy it at the weekend…and then never do! And trust me it is so much quicker and easier to just quickly tidy up a little bit every few days or week, instead of leaving it three weeks then tackling it! 🙂


  • Organise Everything!

Instead of just chucking your art supplies or notebooks into one drawer thinking that is organised, think for a minute and divide them up, get some acrylic boxes to divide up your drawers, or just ice cream tubs and put pens in one, paints in one, and paper and notebooks in another! (Or of course whatever you keep in that drawer)


  • Sort through, sort through, and sort through again!

If you’re one of those people who tends to just stuff scraps of paper into drawers, or put pens that have run out back into the pen pot – then when you are tidying up, quickly go through all your stuff and only keep the bits you need, chuck away anything like scraps of paper and broken pens (unless, of course, you can reuse them and make something out of them!) This can make so much more room for yet MORE cute DIYs – yay! ❤


That’s a few of my tips on how to have a more organised and less cluttered workspace, so you can have a happier, less full of mess place to work! I kept this post quite short, because I don’t like them to be boring ( I hope it wasn’t!) and quick to read!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day! Don’t worry – I haven’t forgotten about my clay competition! 😉

What are your cute and useful ways to stay organised?

Happy hugs,



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