DIY Mini Valentine's Cards

Three cute little designs for that special someone that are super quick and easy, plus shouldn’t cost a lot – if anything!… What more could you want? 🙂 These teeny liddle cards are a lovely, personalised way to show your love on Valentine’s Day, and here is how you make them!

Happy Weekend everybodyy!

I am so ready to just have a super relaxing weekend after another whole week of 2017! Honestly, I can’t believe it is already February – which means Valentine’s Day is coming up soon, so I made a little cute idea for some lovely little cards!

I made three designs to give you a bit of cheeky inspiration, and I also photographed the steps to make this DIY even simpler to understand! I had a lot of fun coming up with what to put on the fronts, and designing them, so give them a go! You can of course adapt the sizes, colours and designs to your taste…

Here’s how to make mini Valentine’s Day cards!. . .

DIY Mini ‘Be My Nutellatine’ Card

Get the pun? 😉


You Will Need . . .

  • Plain (or colourful) card
  • Scissors
  • Fine paintbrush
  • Acrylic paint (Brown,white)
  • Fineliner pen
  • Red fineliner
  • Glue


  • Mini Envelopes


How to make it . . .

Firstly, you’ll want to cut a neat rectangle out of some card. I made my cards quite mini, so when folded they are roughly half the size of A5 or less. You can make them whatever size you wish.

Fold the card in half, and trim it if bits stick out from the edges!


Using a fine paintbrush, mix a teeny amount of brown paint with even less white paint, to get the right colour brown. You don’t even have to mix white if you like the brown as it is.


Apply the brown to the centre of the right hand side of the folded card in a nutella jar shape! (Which is a square that goes in a bit at the tops)…


Whilst you wait for the acrylic to dry, use scissors to carefully cut out a tiny little rectangle (label) that should fit on the brown jar and not stick over the edge, like so:


Now use a black fineliner to write a letter ‘n’ on the top left of the label.

Then use the red fineliner to write ‘utella’ after the ‘n’.


Your label should look something like this! (above)

Once the brown paint has dried completely, glue the back of the label and stick it to the bottom part of the jar!


Then you can use the fineliner again to outline the jar and label, and also add a lid to the top.


To finish the details, draw some tiny horizontal lines on the jar lid, and some happy eyes (upside down arcs) along with a smile! he looks a lot happier and cute now!


Then you can add the writing slogan – I wrote ‘Be My Nutellatine’ instead of Be My Valentine..! But of course you can write whatever you like!


I also made two other mini cards with different pictures and words here . . .

img_7740A cactus saying ‘I Love You’img_7741

And a brown bear with the words, ‘Bear Hugs’!


I hope you liked these little cards and maybe they gave you a bit of inspiration this February! I have lots more crafty makes planned, so thank you all for the support! An especially big thank you for over 500 followers now – I never thought that would happen and I can’t thank you all enough! ❤


Let me know if you would like to give this a go, and have a happy, awesome Saturday!

Weekend hugs,



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