Iridescent Paint Review

Does iridescent paint really make acrylic look sparkly and iridescent? I dug this paint medium out from underneath all my acrylics and I think I’ve only used it once aages ago, so I thought I’d test it out in a post and let you know what I think!

Hey there everyoone!

Iridescent paint, huh? Well I am a big fan of iridescent things, so when I found out I could possibly be able to make things beautiful and pearlescent, how could I not resist testing it?!

So I found this Reeves Iridescent Medium tube the toher day, and I wondered if it actually worked, so I tested it out on two little cardboard rockets!


My first impressions were good – the actual medium looks quite pearlescent and shimmery, and the fact the tube is so big, means this should last quite a long time! It comes in a partially see-through tube, and it has a cap that pops open to squeeze it out, making it easy to apply. I quite like the fact it comes in a see through tube because you can actually see how much is left, unlike most other acrylic tubes.


To test it out, I decided to paint two little rockets, one with normal silver acrylic paint, and one with silver and irirdescent medium. I literally had no idea which would work best!

If you want to make these little silver rockets too . . .

You Will Need. . .

  • Reeves Iridescent Medium
  • Acrylic paint (silver)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Fineliner pen
  • Brown paper
  • Glue


I firstly cut out two little cardboard rocket shapes.

Then I squeezed out some silver acrylic paint on to some cardboard and applied that to one of the rockets using a paintbrush. Honestly, this paint is already quite shiny and metallic, so I was interested to see what happened with the medium!


Then I squeezed a little more silver out, and this time added some of the iridescent stuff to it! I’m not sure how much you need, but I assume the more you use, the more shimmery the paint will be!

The medium comes out quite stiffly, and I expected it to be more liquidy, but once you mix it in to the paint it feels just like acrylic.


You can see here that the paint has already got a shinier look to it, especially when you move it in the light! Once the medium is mixed in, it feels a bit gloopier, but this doesn’t really affect anything too much!


I then applied a couple of coats to the other rocket and let it dry. Something I did notice was I had to wait for the iridescent one to dry a lot longer than the ordinary one, so if you don’t have the time, or aren’t very patient, maybe don’t add it in! Although this may just be because I had more coats on it.


With medium
No medium

You may not be able to tell from the photos, but the one on the left (with medium) was a little bit lighter in colour before it dried, then it evened out a bit.

The effect it seemed to give was when you moved it, the silver shimmered, and it had a gorgeous pearlescent colour to it which I love! I did expect a bit more of a metallic look, but I think if you use more, it would give you that. Besides, silver is already quite shiny!

Then I drew on it with my fineliner, to see if it made any difference . . .


They both withstood the pen test, although because the one with medium took longer to dry, the pen went into a mushy bit, but other than that it made no difference!


To finish off the rockets, I glued some little paper wings I had cut out onto the backs, and they were good to go!


With medium
With medium

I think I can say there is a lovely subtle difference, that is more noticeable in real life, that makes the paint more shimmery and almost sparkly! If you tried different colour paints, I expect the difference would be greater, but I was happy with the effect this medium gives!

I think if you’re looking for a subtle, but shimmery effect, then this product is simply perfect! I will definitely be coming back to this iridescent tube, especially when I want to make silver a bit shinier! I can definitely recommend this medium, but especially if you are after just a subtle look, not a full on ‘iridescent’ rainbow effect!

I used Reeves Iridescent Medium – 200ml tube. You can purchase it on Amazon for £5.14 (as of 05/02/17)


I hope you lovely lot enjoyed this post testing this product! I love making these kind of reviews, so let me know if you liked it!

I hope you’re all having an amazing day, whatever it is you are doing!

Painty hugs!


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13 thoughts on “Iridescent Paint Review

  1. Funny rockets 😀

    I have an idea for your next DIY. What do you think about it? ^^
    Can you make any small notebooks or something like that? If not, maybe will you decorate a cover of a notebook? It’s only my suggestion – you don’t have to do it 😉

    Byeeee! *U*

    ~Ann (from Poland) xD

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