A Little Happy Place

Pretty much right from the start, I wanted my blog to be that happy place anyone can come to just to feel even a teeny bit happier for a little bit, and enjoy reading for a while! So I made this post just because I really wanted to share why I keep blogging and what my aims are! ❤

Hey there everybodyy!

I feel like every blog has a purpose – whether it’s simply a collection of days out for you to remember in the future, tutorials you love to share, or just a random way for you to express yourself online, there will always be someone who likes to read, which is why I just love this little lovely WordPress community and fell in love with blogging..!


Today I felt like just having a chit chatty post about why I love love love to write these posts so often, and why I can’t imagine not doing it!

Right from when I first started posting little posts, I always knew I wanted to make this little corner of the internet a happy, warm and loving place where everyone is welcome! I wanted it to feel like if maybe you were having a not-so-good day, or maybe you just weren’t feeling great, you could come here and just smile, and feel a teency bit better.


That’s why it makes me just oh so happy when I recieve such thoughtful, lovely comments from people from every corner of the world (which in itself is pretty incredible, huh?) saying how much they loved reading, or that they now want to make my DIYs – I never thought that would happen!



I just love the idea of being able to sit and relax with a good blog post to make you smile in the evening and de-stress, or inspire you to get crafty today! That’s why I keep making these posts, that I *hope* you all enjoy..!


Besides, I personally love to read happy and cheerful posts that just make you smile, or that you can relate to, so I love creating content that does exactly this in my own way I guess! I wanted to show people how to be happy and inspire others to do what they love to do, and of course just be awesome at the same time..! 😉


So I guess I also want to say a big big thank you, just for being super amazing people, who spread the happiness and make this world such a more positive place! A big hug to you! Keep smiling, being happy, and being the amazing YOU! ❤

*and breeeathe* 😉

I hope you all have an amaazing day!

Happy hugs,



29 thoughts on “A Little Happy Place

  1. Oh, I can feel the love in your words 😀 People are responding so well to your posts because you’re authentic! I got hooked, too, even though I’m not much a DIY type, it’s just nice l to look at the cool stuff you make and in case I need something stylish (like the notebooks you designed) I’ll know how to do it, thanks to you! Cheers and happy blogging!

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