February Pencil Case Essentials

I decided to make a little essentials post today, seeing as I now have a more-than-adorable pencil case that needs filling up with all my stationery bits and bobs! But instead of a ‘beauty essentials’ or ‘travel essentials’, I made a Pencil Case Essentials! Basically everything you could possibly need – oh, and some cute things thrown in aswell!

Hey there people from all over the world!

Happy Saturday everybody! I had lots and lots of fun making this post, so grab a hot drink and relaax. . .

This February, after purchasing possibly the cayuutest pencil case ever, I seem to have collected more and more stationery..! I like to have certain things in my pencil case that I know will be ready when I come to make something, or do some work… And that’s why I put together this handy little list of things I like to have in my pencil case!


Here are my February Pencil Case Essentials! . . .

Pusheen Pencil Case

Firstly, I thought I’d better give you a little tour of my pencil case! I purchased this cute cute cute Pusheen Pencil Case from Amazon using a gift card, and I can tell you now – it was absolutely worth the money!


The material is the SOFTEST plush material, with a quality feel, and it has such a lovely lining with tiny pictures of pusheen in cardboard boxes! The zip has matching material to the ‘fur’ and there are also some little squishy feet – squee! Now can you see why it is worth the money? ^-^


White Bunny Scissors

These little bunny ear scissors came with a bunny that stands up and holds a magnetic carrot that paperclips stick to! It is super cute, and I often just keep the scissors that slot into the bunny’s head in my pencil case because they are great quality! Although they are a bit on the pricey side, I feel like they will last me such a long time.

You can get these scissors on Amazon for £22.99


Mini Fimo Gloss Varnish

I actually mentioned this product in my Favourites post if you want a more detailed description, but I thought because the jar is so small, it is perfect to carry around in a craft box or pencil case! I love applying this product to my little polymer clay creations, it gives a great shine and coat of protection!


Stabilo Boss Highlighters

These colourful highlighters are SUCH an essential for school, or work when you desperately need to highlight a word (ok, a bit dramatic!). So I like to keep them handy in my pencil case, plus I love the grippy design of these pens, they are super comfortable to hold.

The name of these highlighters are Stabilo Boss Executive, and you can get them on Amazon here.


Pritt Stick Original

Honestly, a Pritt Stick doesn’t get enough love! I can’t get over how many times I have *sighed* at a cheap glue stick that doesn’t work. When you stick a sheet down, and it simply peels right off, so you end up having to use half the stick just to get it to work..! Whereas a Pritt stick will always stick down pretty much anything, so if you are able to pay that little bit more, definitely pick a Pritt Stick, because they are always a pencil case essential for me!

Pritt Stick Original can be found in most supermarkets and craft stores.


Small Diary

Although this one won’t necessarily fit inside your pencil case (unless it is pretty big!), having a small diary with your pencil case can be very useful when you need to rmemeber dates and schedule important stuff!

I mentioned my gorgeous Molang Diary before, but it is the one diary I am absolutely going to use to bits! I love using diaries to quickly scribble down ideas!


An Assortment of Pens!

I have quite the collection now of pens, pens and…more pens. So I have to narrow it down to just a few that I wish to keep in my pencil case! I normally have a drawing pen, which is this Uni Pin Fineliner (black), a white Signo gel pen and a writing pen – this gorgeous one from Paperchase! I find that Paperchase pens are a bit more expensive, but last soo long, and have the cutest designs!

I also just love the little owl keyring on the end of the writing pen!


Desk Buddies

When you’re feeling a bit sad, or your desk just needs that teeny bit of cheering up, DIY desk buddies are often the best thing! I like to carry around this little plant desk buddy, and a Milk carton storage box to brighten up any workspace! You can basically make anything cute and use it as a desk buddy to keep you smiling! 😉

I now have a liddle smiley cactus, succulent and seedling plant pot desk buddy, plus two cute cartons!

I made a tutorial on how to make these here.


Cute Erasers

I am obsessed with tiny little rubbers that come apart! I have such a collection of all sorts now – giraffes, hedgehogs, cows, lions, monkeys, pigs-the lot! And they never get boring! You can take these cute little erasers apart and put them back together, but they also work as rubbers to correct any mistakes – cute and useful! I got these iwako rubbers from paperchase.

You can buy a wide range of iwako erasers from Paperchase here!


And that is it for my pencil case essentials this February! I love every single thing mentioned, and I hope this list was even a tiny bit helpful! It is so important to me to have certain essentials to keep in a pencil case for when you need them. Plus, how cute?!


I hope you are all having an amazing day! I hope this post wasn’t too similar to a favourites post, but I wanted to show what sort of things I find useful to have in my adorable little pencil case!

What’s in your pencil case?

Warm hugs,


Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored.


25 thoughts on “February Pencil Case Essentials

  1. The Pusheen Pecil Case is very cute ^^ I’d like to have it 😀 Your diary is also nice. I have mania about notebooks etc. 😉 Pens and rubbers are nice too. In Poland we can buy Iwako rubbers but they’re quite expensive – 5 PLN , in England it’s only 1£ ;D In fact, Poland is quite expensive. If we buy smth in € or £ the things are cheaper, I think xD Stabilo Highighters are quite popular in Poland, I have a set of them 😉

    Love ❤
    Ania – your reader from Poland ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am obsessed with the pencil case! Gotta love Pusheen ❤ As for your essentials, I wholeheartedly agree with you, especially on the Highlighters and Small Diary! You never know when a blog post (or other) idea may pop into your head! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

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