As much as you’re all probably bored of hauls by now…how can I not show you my latest stationery purchases? I love them all – some are useful, some are just super cute! And I thought I’d share with you what lovely little things I bought! I hope you enjoooyy…

Hey there everybodyy!

Paperchase has to be up there with one of my absolute FAVOURITE shops – the cuteness is too much to handle, they have just about everything you could ever need…and more! So how could I not share all the little things I picked up! I have included products from various shops, so I’ll do my best to link places to buy them for you! ❤

I am sorry if you’re a bit bored of hauls…but there’s not really any other way of putting it, and I love reading about what other people like to buy from their favee shops! And I especially love crafty, stationery hauls…so enjoyy!

Rose Gold Bulldog Clips

Paperchase- £2.50

The first thing I picked up were these gorgeous little rose gold bulldog clips-woow. ❤ I am absolutely in love with them! They have a rose gold metallic colour on them (but they are quite coppery too) and I cannot wait to use them to keep eveyrhting so much more organised! I have seen a lot of blog photos with these clips in them too which look stunning-so they’re the perfect blog prop!

The little plastic zipper bag they come in is also so handy.


Aren’t they just beautiful? ❤


You can purchase these clips here.

Unicorn Keyring


Aagh! how can you look at this keyring and not squeal? As soon as I saw this lovely unicorn I knew I had to buy it! There was also a plush unicorn but I had to resist… 😉


The keyring is such good quality and so sturdy, although I do worry about the paint chipping off if it is going to be on keys. However the absolutely adorable design and happy face would easily cheer up your day so much! It is the perfect size, and is surprisingly heavy and durable. I am absolutely obsessed! everything – even the packaging is so so cute!

I am so sad that I couldn’t find a link to this adorable keyring…but it may be available in some stores!


You can find a similar keyring here.

Mini Acrylic Tubes

Amazon- £8.82

I ran out of quite a few colours of acrylic paint recently, which is a pain when you desperately want to paint something green but you don’t have any of the colours you need! So when I got this set of mini tubes (which included so many different colours) I was so pleased! Although (because of the size) these tubes won’t last as long, they’re a great travel size to fit in a pencil case and the quality is excellent!


The perfect pocket size!


You can find these acrylic tubes here. (Amazon)

Fimo Soft Clay

Amazon- £2.31

This clay is so so amazing – I have used it for nearly all my clay so far and it hasn’t let me down yet! I always choose the ‘soft’ version because it is a lot easier to use an mould, compared to the ‘professional’ version which crumbles and is more solid, making it a lot trickier. This clay comes in a decent sized square which is best kept wrapped in cling film or in an air-tight container.


I have loved using this clay so much and can definitely recommend it for clay newbies or anyone who loves to make things from clay!

Fimo Soft is oven bake clay, not air-dry. it is also Non-Toxic. Always read the instructions carefully.


You can find Fimo Soft Clay (in the colour white) here.

Staedtler Colouring Pens

Amazon- £10.69 (reduced price)

In 20 amazing colours, these colouring pens are going to be soo useful when I need to colour in some doodles or highlight words. these pnes can be a bit pricey, but they last long enough for it to be worth it-so I picked this big set up! I love the thickness of them, and they are very smooth on paper.

There is a wide range of colours which are very bright and colourful, and the box folds back to turn into a stand which is really handy!


I can see myself using these pens a lot! Colouring, highlighting and writing! 🙂


You can find these pens here. (Amazon)

Paperchase Kraft Sketchbook

Paperchase- £8.50

The last thing I chose from Paperchase was this brown kraft notebook. I have previously had one which I use for all my cheeky little doodles, but I finished it around Christmas time-so I wanted to get a new one! These sketchbooks have thick, strong pages and two elastics on the corners to secure it closed. I always like sketchbooks with a spiral bound too-so this is perfect! It could also be used for a scrapbook, if you prefer scrapbooking!


That’s it for all my little cute things and stationery bits and bobs I scooped up recently! I hope you all enjoyed seeing what I bought, let me know if you like any of the things I showed! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of them all, even if it did take a while!


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend! Have an aMAZing week! You are all so lovely! ❤

Unicorn hugs,


Disclaimer: I always test links, so cannot be held responsible for any issues caused.



  1. You shouldn’t stop doing hauls!! Everything’s really cute ~I ♥♡♥♡♥ stationery~ but my favourite has to be the unicorn keyring and the sketchbook!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a lovely haul, I do have a big love for stationary! I’ve been looking for a new sketchbook that has strong pages as I always end up with ones with flimsy thin pages, but this Paperchase one looks perfect. Love this post! 🙂

    Kayleigh |

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I like hauls, so you can write them often 😀
    Yeah, these clips are cool, they’re quite small and handy ^^
    Oh, the unicorn keyring is really cute, I’d like to have smth like that :3
    I must try the Fimo Soft, you say it’s good. It’s important for my that it’s non-toxic, I have a lot of allergies… I saw the Fimo Soft in Empik – it’s a popular bookshop and stationery shop in Poland.
    I’ve got a lot of pens! 😀
    Your sketchbook is also nice but the best things are inside – your drawings! :*
    That post were interesting 😉

    I wrote a long comment… xD

    Love from Poland!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Ann! You write such lovely comments!! 😊❤️ I’m so glad you liked all the things I mentioned! Haha I don’t mind long comments! 😉 Have an amazing day!!

      Love from England! Tabi X ❤️


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