DIY Dinky YAY Desk Plants

Hey there and a Happy Saturday everyoone!

These bold and modern gorrgeous designs are bound to make your workspace look fresh for spring! I am in love with the black and white writing, with the fake plants – cute! These little pots don’t take long at all, yet they look almost shop-bought!

I honestly cannot wait to find a home for these little fellas – they look perfect on my shelves, or even on my desk along with all my other desk buddies! I feel like you could also adapt this design in soo many ways…maybe you want to make the faux plants out of material, or change the size-have fun experimenting with these dinky little plant pots! ❤

Here’s how to make a little YAY Desk Plant…

DIY YAY Desk Plant Pots



You Will Need…

  • Thin metal can (or a similar shaped pot)
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Brown paper or material
  • Green card (or a bit of card painted green)


How to Make them…

Firstly, you need to carefully cut the can in half using scissors. Be careful on the metal as it may be a bit sharp – this is why you use a flimsy metal can.




Now cut a strip of paper and wrap it round the can, securing it with glue.


Cut another strip the same size, but this time sketch on the words ‘YAY’, or another word you want on the pot!

Fill the words in with black pen or felt tip!

(I will leave an enlarged version of the words that you can save, print off and use as a template/guide)


Stick the strip with the words around the pot too.


To finish off the pots, you can stuff some scrunched up brown paper to look like soil, and cut out a green plant shape. I cut out a cactus and drew on some little lines as the spikey bits!



I had so much fun making these fun little decorative pots-let me know if you’d give them a go! They look so cute anywhere in your workspace or kitchen…well anywhere really! 😉



I hope you are all having a super amazing weekend so far! Have a lovely evening, and I hope you enjoyed this post!



See you all again sooon! The template is the image above if you wish to use it!



Happy hugs,


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