How I made this: Elephant Box

Hellooo you lovely people!

I hope you’ve had a good day, and are all doing well! Today I thought I’d chat a bit about how I made this adorable liddle storage box that is now happily on my wall!…Instead of doing a full tutorial-because I made it a few days ago! I’ll tell you how I made it, and what I used! Plus it gave me the perrfect excuse to take some fun pictures of this elly…



Firstly, let’s talk cheeky materials…For the actual box, it’s pretty basic- cracker boxes! Yay! 😉

But to paint the actual cardboard, I used these mini acrylic paint tubes that I have mentioned before in a post, which are from Daler Rowney, and came in a set of looads! They are of course top quality, and black and white were perfect for this project.

Along with the paint, I used a Daler Rowney paintbrush (a thicker one than photographed) that has a blue handle, and is perfect for painting in acrylics.


The next thing I used for the elephant, was of course some scissors! And obviously I used my white ones from my bunny holder! They are scissors, and they do their job well, everything said…! 😉

I also used a black sharpie to add details to the cardboard, and a Pritt stick to glue it all together. You could of course use PVA, but then you’d have to wait for it to dry-so if you’re lazy like me…a glue stick is what you need!


How the box is made…

What I did to make the elly box was cut the cardboard box in half, so I had a box shape, and painted the cardboard grey, then I also painted a big sheet of card grey too, so I could cut ears and a trunk out of it later. Once the paint had dried, I cut out ear shapes and a trunk, and added all the details with a black sharpie. Finally, I glued everything on! With a teency bit of velcro attached to the back, and on the wall- you’re good to go!


I am using the boxes (I made two! Aw!) to hold loose pens, scraps of paper, and even mini paint tubes! They are honestly so useful- and of course super cuute! ❤

I hope you all liked this style of post! I thought I’d try something that’s a bit different to the usual-hope you enjoyed! Have an amazing dayy! ❤

Trunky hugs,


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