Little Crafty Favourites


You mayy remember back a while ago, when I made a post called ‘Little Lifestyle Favourites‘- an you all really liked it! I had so much fun taking and designing the pictures, so I decided to do it again! This time, they all have a bit more of a crafty theme- so enjoyy! 🙂

These are a few things I have been *obsessed* with using for making things this month, let me know which ones you like/ have used!

Pastel Fineliners

Ahh, a good bit of pastel colours is all you need in Spring, right? Well this pack of 6 cute and colourful fineliners are so amazing for colouring in teeny things! I was a bit confused, however, because I wouldn’t necessarily think of this shade of orange or the grey as a ‘pastel’ colour, but that seriously is all that I am not so keen on- so they’re basically perfect!


I also reaaally like the packaging of these pens, it’s so cool and unique! ❤


You can find this Staedtler pack of 6 pastel colour fineliners here, on Amazon for £6.02

mt Washi Tapes

This March I’ve been loving using these super amazing little washi tapes! I have them in an assortment of sizes, colours and patterns, and I know that mt sell such a good range! Also…when you see the absolutely perfect way these tapes are presented- you won’t want to ever ruin it! They come in a tiny little thin papery bag with string tied around-cuute!


I have been trying out something a bit different, and I used these washi tapes for what I was making- they were perfect! They rip so easily, and don’t stick down too much.


You can find these mt washi tapes (pack of 5) here on Amazon, for £13.99

Daler Rowney Paintbrushes

For the excessive amount of DIYs I make, a good paintbrush is so useful! Recently I’ve been making use of these paintbrushes, which are from Daler Rowney, and are such good quality! I had a set with various sizes and shapes too, which is really useful- even if I hardly ever use the massive one…!


You can find these Daler Rowney Paintbrushes here on Amazon, for £11.94

Animal Kingdom Colouring Book

I love just relaxing in the evening with a colouring book, it makes you so much more calm and, well- relaxed! 😉 This one is the one I go to especially, because the illustrations are gorgeous, and so detailed and teeny!


This book is so so cute, I coloured in a whole double page of a big octopus! It looks stunning at the end!


You can find this colouring book here, for £3.99!

Papermate Mechanical Pencils

These colourful pencils have been soo useful at the moment, and I often don’t carry around a sharpener, because they mess up your pencil case big time, so the fact these are mechanical is amazing!


The set I had included 5 cheeky colours, but my favourite is definitely the luminous yellow! I also love how the pencil is really thick, unlike a normal HB pencil. They even come with a rubber on the end.


You can find these mechanical pencils here on Amazon, for £2.50.

IKEA Mini White Frames

For the final thing in my monthly favourites, I couldn’t help but show off these lovely lovely frames from IKEA. I have five on my wall with a mixture of my own creations and prints from IKEA! The wood is a perfect colour, and these are just amazing as basic but cute frames! I have a little succulent picture I made in this one…


I sadly couldn’t find these specific frames, but other frames can be found here, on IKEA!

That’s it for my crafty and homeware favourites for March! I hope you all liked them, I really enjoyed taking photos of them and making this post! I hope you all have an awesome weekend!

Comment of the Week! (Goes to brushyneedle!) ❤


Happy hugs,



43 thoughts on “Little Crafty Favourites

  1. Your posts always make me so happy! Great one, as usual. Just saying, I didn’t see your post in the Reader, something is going on with WordPress, so I checked out your actual site. WordPress has many bugs.

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  2. I used to spend hours in craft stores, now I runaway from it every time I see one because I know that if I go in there I’m going to spend too much money ! Hahah
    All of those items are so tempting ! 🖤

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