DIY Mini Piñata Pencil Topper

Hey Everybodyy!

I don’t know if you’ll remember back a while ago, when I posted a tutorial on how to make a Mini Piñata– well I decided to bring Peter the Piñata, this time as Pippa Piñata! How cute is she? 😉

This little one sits snugly on your pencil too- I absolutely adore her, and I am going to be using her as a pencil topper for a loong time! So I am so glad I can share how to make her with you all, I hope you enjoy!

DIY Mini Pippa the Piñata Pencil Topper

Allow time: 1-2 hours, depending on how fast glue dries!


You Will Need:

  • Card (e.g cereal box)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Masking tape/selotape
  • PVA Glue
  • Tissue paper (I used pink, blue and purple)
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Black card/paper
  • Foam/stuffing/sponge (optional)


How to Make it…

First, use a pencil to draw out a piñata/donkey shape on your card. Use mine as a guideline if you aren’t sure. My shape was only about 5cm across, but you could make it bigger.


Now you can carefully cut around the shape with scissors. Then cut a second body out. Make sure they are both the same size and shape!


You will also need to cut a long strip of card, the thickness of how thick you want the body to be- this must be at least thicker than a pencil.

You can see the size comparison between the strip and the donkeys.


Now you want to cut some little thin strips of maksing tape, and attach the strip to the entire edge of one of the donkeys, at a right angle, like in the picture. Use lots of strips of tape as you go, folding the cardboard when you get to angles…

Once you have done this, do the same with the other donkey shape, so you have a 3d structure!

Remember to leave about a cm gap at the middle base, for the pencil.


This bit isn’t necessary, but I like to do it because it makes it stronger and more padded. Stuff some foam or stuffing gently into the gap underneath it.


Next, cut lots of little rectangles of tissue paper of different colours, and cut tiny slits in it, so it looks fringed!


Now for the fun part! Use some PVA to cover the bottom of the first bit, and start layering the bits of tissue paper up the card. Remeber to only put glue to the top of the bits of tissue, so the fringe bit is mostly still flappy. (technical word…!)


Start from the bottom and work upwards, don’t forget to cover the sides and base!


Once the piñata is dry, you can cut a thin bit of washi tape, and make a harness for it!


Then you can also cut a little round black eye, and glue it down, like so, it should look a little bit like this!


I hope you all liked this adorable new addition to your pencil! I am obsessed with her, let me know if you would give it a go! Pippa is now friends with Peter! Aren’t they cute?


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Have a lovely evening and a happy weekend everyonee!

Party hugs,

Tabi Busy Bee (2)

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