Wildlife Rambles and Otter Spotting!

Hey there everybodyy!

Firstly, I am absolutely blown away that we have now reached 1000 followers! When did this happen?! I am so so thankful for each one of you that comments and reads posts, huuge hugs to you! I never even dreamt we would get to 4 digits!

But anyways, I whacked on some old trainers and grabbed my camera and visited an amazing little nature reserve/walk place the other day, and I thought I’d share it. I had an awesome time and took lots of photos, so enjoyy! ❤


There was a really beautiful bit where the trees arc in a sort of tunnel, and there was water either side, (but no otters! 😦 ) and we also spotted a cool sculpture where there was a tree log, with wooden birds (I think they were starlings) were carved on it. I really liked that, but I didn’t get any pictures!


Also, I walked on brownie…ok, so it was mud, but it honestly felt like I was walking on a brownie because the mud ws so peaty and spongey!


Apparently otters are very common in this reserve, so I was really really hoping I might see one, and when we were sort of halfway through, I’m so sure I heard one! I was walking along the grass path thing, and I heard a splashing in the water- but this could obviously of been a fish or a duck, but then there was a weird almost scratching noise, and I mean, fish don’t scratch- nor do ducks…so…? Maybe this was an otter! I stayed still quietly for a bit, and the scrambling and scratching kept happening- also this was right by a bank on the river so I couldn’t see anything, and it would be the perfect place for an otter to be hiding!


Along the walk we stopped at a few bird hides (is that the right spelling?), and on one of them I gasped when we looked over the edge and SO close was a nesting goose or bird! It was so peaceful and it didn’t even flinch when it heard the camera’s shutter go off- it just sat there on a little perch which is probably its nest! We stayed really quiet because we didn’t want to disturb or startle it though.



I just love nature walks, it was so peaceful and fun to take pictures of, even if I didn’t see any otters properly! And the sun came out a few times, which-for British weather- is pretty good. 😉

And a few cheeky artsy shots..!


I thought I would just share a few of my pictures today because it was such a nice day out, and I love making these posts too! I hope you enjoyed it, which was your favourite picture?


Happy hugs!

Tabi Busy Bee (2)

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