How to Declutter + Keep the cosiness :)

Hello llamas from all over the worldd

I find it hard to keep my room tidy alll the time, so being organised and having a massive sort through (and I mean whole-weekend MASSIVE..!) really helps- oh and finding cuter ways to store things of course…you knew that was coming 😉

So I thought I would share a few of my own tips that I use to make sure you declutter your room/home properly, whilst keeping it cosy and unique!

Of course do what works for you- these are just a few tips on how I decluttered my space! Hope you enjoyy!..


Will it really benefit your room?

Think first before you shove that box of absolute junk back on your shelf, and whether it actually adds anything to your room, is useful, personal or just pointless! A photo album- yes. A year old notebook with shopping lists and coffee stains on it…mehh..

Boxes are your best friend

Yup- I mean it! Picture it this way: a tall pile of papers and other things that you don’t even know stacked up, orr piled neatly*ish* in boxes…it will look a lot better organised from the outside!

Add some greenery!

You probably know by now that I have just a teeny quite big obsession with plants– whether it’s cacti, succulents or window plants, and they all add to a room so much! I have Mr Prickle (the cactus) who lives on my desk, making it look THIS MUCH cuter…and my two succulents that go so well on my bookshelf and are just adorable. Of course if you can’t house real plants, there are always faux succulents and plants you can get for not very much!



It’s scarily neat and tidy…!

Clear your space first…

Clear your space completely (like my desk!) then it is easier to sort through things by putting back everything that you want/need and get rid of all those stuffs you don’t want anymore!

Keep the cosiness!

You can declutter and organise all you like- buut don’t forget to add those little touches of warmth to your room. I like to add personal touches- my polaroid wall is the cosiest thing EVER, or even soft cushions and blankets and even fairy lights to make your room look almost like a cute den! ❤


I also find it so satisfying to see the before and after of organising- so here are a few I took!

Top shelf:


I hope these few tips helped a bit, or motivated you to organise and declutter your own space! Is it not the best feeling once you are happy with how it turns out? I loved writing this, so let me know what you think, and of any other tips!

Have a super amazing day! 😀


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50 thoughts on “How to Declutter + Keep the cosiness :)

  1. Fab post & great ideas as always!

    We have been de-cluttering (both irl & online)
    since Spring. (urg) Don’t forget to back-up
    important information & files. It is good to have
    a notebook to write down important information
    & passwords, so you can keep track of them.

    Keep up the great work, it is always a joy to stop
    by & see what you have been up to! 🌈🌞⛱️

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, thinning down really helps you focus on the important things.
        I have 4 folders full of collage materials ready to go once every-
        thing is nice and orderly, plus you get to look through old work &
        see it in new ways which is always fun & exciting.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I am due for this in my house! Especially with a toddler, I feel like stuff accumulates so quickly. People just buy her things all the time, I can’t believe it! I’m like… I understand she is cute and all, but you don’t need to bring her a toy just because you are coming to visit! I agree with your tip on adding some greenery, it really livens things up.

    Liked by 1 person

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