25 (SERIOUSLY) Last Minute Blog Post Ideas

Happy THURSDAY everyoneee

Because we all (yup- even you hiding behind your phone *i see you*) have those moments ~uh those moments~ when you realise >this< is how little time you have to take blog photos or BRAINSTORM ideas (mind map, thought shower- whatever you want to call it ok) ?! So being the absolute blogging saint I am, here is 25 last minute blog post ideas for youu:

25 last minute blog post ideas

  1. 7 Easy to do Snack Ideas– use pictures from pinterest, cookbooks, ones hidden in the depths of your camera roll…
  2. Reasons you started blogging and how it benefited you
  3. A tutorial on how to draw (doesn’t matter if you can or can’t draw- you never know who wants to see a How to Draw a Stickman) 😉
  4. 5 Places you want to go back to– use photos from a while back that you forgot about
  5. How to pack for a spontaneous trip to ________!
  6. Photos I took and Things I did this _______ (insert month/season/century…you get the jist)
  7. Invent your own character and introduce them to your fellow bloggers 🙂 (*cough cough* Cloud the Unicorn)
  8. Do a tag or an award you were nominated for…or invent one yourself!!
  9. What’s (actually) in my bag – don’t bother emptying receipts and loose change- your readers are more interested in the SUPER MESSY version 😉
  10. 100 Blog Post Ideas for the Uninspired
  11. Back to school DIY ideas I want to try!
  12. My latest obsession– stationery, places to visit, snacks, photo editing apps anything!
  13. My Most Embarassing Moment whilst in __________
  14. 23 things to do on a rainy day
  15. 5 Minute DIY Challenge– what can you make with just a few materials in 5 minutes?
  16. Cosy Day OOTD
  17. Beauty Products I used to hate…but now love ❤
  18. 10 Inexpensive Blog Prop Ideas
  19. Interview another blogger or family member- ask them some funny questions ^-^
  20. The things I love about (INSERT MONTH/tv show/blogging/social media/holidays)
  21. My favourite blogs!
  22. Tea chats!– chat and ramble about something you didn’t agree with in the magazine/newspaper you’re reading, or even your political views/environmental opinions -basically get very deep and write as much as you want to..!)
  23. Tips on back to school stress/exam stress or how to make friends
  24. Favourite Blog Posts of the week!
  25. Quotes and films and poems and words and just INSPIRATIONAL STUFFS in general to get you through the week
  26. Books that changed my life (in a good way)

I threw in a bit of lifestyle, beauty, food, books in that list so there’s a bit of something for everyone! Let me know of any more ideas and whether you’re going to use any of them for when you have hardly any time to put a post together! p.s. did you notice I snuck in an extra idea because I am crazy like that 😉 )

Have an amazing evening lil bears!


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144 thoughts on “25 (SERIOUSLY) Last Minute Blog Post Ideas

  1. EXCELLENT! Even the smallest of jobs well done will take you one step closer towards the success that you have always dreamed about. Keep it up. You made it look easy!


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