I wasn’t going to post today because I have a post all ready for tomorrow, but you all know how passionate I am about this sort of thing and I wanted to have my say too.

Wildlife is my favouritee thing ever! I love forest walks and going to reserves and taking pictures and just listening to birds and spotting otters! It’s the best thing ever πŸ™‚

I found out that it was #nationalwildlifeday today (September 4th) on twitter, which is trending right now (I’m glad it is because so many people would have missed it if it wasn’t!)


Firstly we should say thank you to wildlife- so many species have to put up with us- there’s the sea plastic and the roadkill and rising temperatures and tree destroying and then there’s the melting.

It’s a shame. Not just that this is happening. But that we are all aware of it. And still let it go on.

It’s time to stop that and move on positively. You’d be stupid to ignore it and not want to do something, just that little something every day to help- use less power that isn’t needed- donate your old clothes to charity instead of throwing them away or even planting more greenery and flowers- it all helps, so so much.

Yes– this is all going on- we’re not in the best state– but- of course, there’s always hope. And you have to believe in that hope to improve things.


Trees- ARE being planted. Desperate animals ARE being helped by charities. And we are making slow progress. But that doesn’t mean we should just sit back still- I’m asking us all to do little things to help the planet and save wildlife because if we don’t- we may not have our home left either.

If you are stuck on ways to help- there are plenty of websites online where you can join in activities locally, and I’ve also made a little list you can use too. πŸ™‚

  • Do 3 things every day to use less power
  • Turn down your screen brightness
  • Plant flowers on your windowsill or garden
  • Make a pile of leaves and damp twigs for wildlife and hedgehogs ^-^
  • Put a bird box up in a tree
  • Reblog this post and comment things you’ve done
  • Let a patch of your lawn (if you have one) grow wild
  • Post on social media about the hashtag
  • Go a whole day/week without using your phone/laptop
  • Have fun doing it!

Thank you for taking your time to read this- I’d love to know what little bits you’re doing for the lil guys! ❀


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60 thoughts on “#NationalWildlifeDay.

      1. When I saw “you too” on your reply I know you meant have a nice day. I couldn’t help thinking though that you could have meant that I am a beeest. I do try not to be beastly and hope I don’t look beastly either.

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  1. Hey tabi! Besides the beautiful pictures you took I love your message. Very balanced. Thank you for sharing.

    It might be a stupid question, but how does not using phone help two wildlife… Or using less power on the phone? Because we use less power?

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    1. Thank you xx Using a phone means you need to charge it every day or every few days if you use it regularly, which is using a lot of power and energy. Saving energy means less energy is needed and less pollution from the energy suppliers (or along the lines of that) I’m not very knowledgeable in that area but I think it is a well known fact that not leaving lights on when you don’t need them is a must, and charging a phone is using the same energy πŸ™‚ also screen brightness means the phone doesn’t need to be charged as often πŸ™‚ xx

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  2. Beautiful post! Haven’t seen our little hedgehog for quite a while!! Love doing my bit for the planet; planting lots of flowers for the busy wildlife, walking everywhere as I don’t drive and using green products. Every little bit counts πŸ™‚

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  3. I had no idea it was national wildlife day. All the photos are stunning! If we change little habits in our daily life style we may really change the world. Thanks for sharing such a great post. I loved reading it.

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  4. Wildlife is my favorite thing ever, too! Today I took the train instead of the plane, saving at least 90% of carbon emissions πŸ™‚ In the past I’ve built a wild bee house, helped out in the garden, made a stone pile, made a small pond, volunteered for a nature center and the parks department … It’s awesome being outside in the wild.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

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  5. I love wildlife too! Recently I’ve got really into gardening, and I’ve been planting loads of bee friendly plants and my dad and I made a pond a few weeks ago and some frogs and toads have turned up there and come back a few times. My garden is always full of butterflies and bees and as we have a stream, we often see dragon flies and sometimes kingfishers! The woods near my house is so beautiful, and my family and I went on a walk there the other night and saw a fox! The field behind my house often has deers and badgers too. I loved this post xxx

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    1. Thank you!! Woww that’s so many things! It’s so cool to hear you’re doing all those things! I have a little pond too there’s a lot in there! Thank you so much for sharing all those things!! πŸ˜‰ ❀ 🌍

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  6. Loved this post! Wildlife is my favourite thing too! Sometimes I spend all day outdoors and I love looking after wildlife. I once rescued a severely underweight hedgehog and my family and I nursed him back to health! This blog has inspired me to write my own wildlife blog post! I better get writing that blog post! Thanks Tabi! xxx

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    1. Thank you! Aww you’re just like me! Really? That’s incredible- that hedgehog was so lucky to run into you ❀ I can't wait to read it- what you've done sounds amazing- you should write about it!! πŸ™‚ 🌍

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