How to take Better Blog Photos! 📷

Happy Thursday lil dinosaurs!

I love taking blog photos because who wouldn’t want to photograph adorable Pusheen things? hahahah and of course other things…nope just Pusheen things ^-^

I’m obviously not a photography expert and I’m sure many of you know a wholee lot more than me- but I love experimenting and sharing with you what I find works best!

I’ve been wanting to share my tips for soo long- and finally I’ve gotten round to it! I think I’ll call it Blogtography (blogging+photography??) *yippaee* You know deep down I always waffle…so just enjoy the tips!


Choose your Camera (or not 😉 )

Less than a year ago I decided to take THE PLUNGE *that sounded so dramatic hmm* and bought my Sony HX400v camera which is a beast if you ask me..honestly- if you’re a photography beginner, investing in a bridge camera could be the best choice everr!

But on the other hand I know COUNTLESS bloggers who take photos on their phones- even some big bloggers! So if you aren’t keen on a camera or your budget won’t stretch- a decent quality camera phone does juust fine, or even better! Basically find what works for you- they all have goods and not so goods about them.

A cactus facing away from the light
The same cactus facing the light

Practise with Lighting

I still use natural light for all my photos because I am a very professional photographer (wink wink) but you need to maximise the light you have- find a window spot where in the middle of the day you get quality lighting for snapping your blog pics. But also make sure the object is not facing away from the light- because this causes a very dark shadow over your object- yup it isn’t pretty..


Practise with different backgrounds

Try out lots of different backgrounds for your photos until you find something you’re comfortable with- maybe you want to use that new fluffy jumper as a background of your book photo? Maybe use a plain white background for a minimalistic feel? Or even this cheap adhesive marble which makes a really aesthetically pleasing photo backdrop and you can buy off Amazon for hardly anything! (it’s literally a win win and everyone will think you have a fancy marble top 😉 )

Dull and hardly any brightness
Bright and clean feel

Edit your snaps

You may have a fancy camera that you can change the light settings on- if so, find out how to do that- if not, it doesn’t really matter- just find a free, easy to use photo editing app and adjust the brightness and shadows- you can see my before and afters, it makes a lot of difference!

How to take better blog photos tips

Those are just a few of my lil tips! I hope they help you- I’d love to hear your tips aswell! Let me know if you would like a part two, because I love writing these sorta posts for you bears. ❤

Let’s growl!: what is your go to photography tip?

Tabi bear busy bee

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