The Best Places for Adventuring 🌿

Hello little bears!

I love a good aventure- yes a cosy night in can be AMAZING (bring on cuppa porridge and pyjamas) buut, adventures are a lot of fun too! I’m talking forest walks and flasks of hot chocolate when you want that little bit of warmth when you get stuck in a downpour..! Especiallyy now it’s Autumn (at least it is for me mwahah)

Nature Places and Reserves

I didn’t think there were many places near people like me- I thought they were all in cities and popular places (yes I ACTUALLY did) but there are so so many reserves and nature homes all around you that are so easy to find if you just do a quick search online or ask people you know. 😉

Foresty Places

Forests and woodland walks are honestly the best places to go for a mini adventure- there’s something to explore wherever you go and whether it’s photography, birds, climbing trees, just reaxing or mushrooms (hehe) anyone can go find a woods nearby or far away for an adventure and enjoy themselves. My absolute favourite thing about going to forests for Autumny adventureness is how quiet yet exciting it is? Yah- they’re the best.


The Seaside

When I say the seaside you’re probably thinking, ‘sorry? Tabi, they’re so busy there’s nowhere to adventure?’ but no, hold up- there are so many secret little beaches and places to explore near the sea that aren’t just for sunbathing and ice cream (especially when it’s September 😉 ) and perfect for a trip. I was at a tiny little beach last year which had a road so narrow that travelled for ages to get to it so you felt in the middle of nowhere- but it was surprisingly relaxing and such a cute little place for adventuring.

I’d love to know your favourite places to go or adventure- are you an adventurer?Have a lovely evening everyone- and happy weekend! Eek ❤

This comment made me smile 🙂 (thank you ItsSimplyMeJasmine!)


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36 thoughts on “The Best Places for Adventuring 🌿

  1. Awww! I love this pic! It’s so pretty! This is such a great idea for family fun days or just hanging in friends. It’s great that you post this as it will inspire more people to get outside instead of being on their phones all day. Ha. I guess I am kinda doing this right now! 😂 lol
    Ellie xx 💖🌸✨

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  2. This all sounds amazing. Unfortunately, I live in the northern US, and all the hurricanes and stuff pushed up a warm front, so last week were in the 50’s, and now we are in the 80’s, almost 90’s. DX Maybe next month I will go to all these beautiful places…

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  3. There’s a water mill a fair drive away and it’s very peaceful, and a short drove away from some super beaches for long strolls and beach combing adventures. We had a mini adventure to collect conkers the other evening too.

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  4. I love going to the parks. Some of them are huge some of them are little but sitting on the bench + book + birds singing is incredible and very relaxing. Have a good Friday Tabi 🙂

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