Why you should Start a Blog..

Happy happy Sunday everyone! 🍂

I’ve been down with a cold for a few days now (which sucks) so I really wanted to write a blog post and just have a cosy weekend indoors. Honestly my fluffy socks have been a life-saver too 😉 But anyways- I keep getting asked why I started blogging, or what it was like when I started- I love answering those questions because I go into SUPER CHATTY MODE. So here’s why anyone should start a blog! (Or at least why I think anyone should..)

should I should start a blog

To Prove People Wrong

Before I started blogging I remember hearing people who said ‘Blogging isn’t a career‘ or ‘bloggers?-who?’ things like that. This kind of wound me up because as soon as I was a few months into blogging I couldn’t imagine a better thing! The bloggers I’d had comment chats with and the community I was suddenly a part of made me wonder literally how amAZing it was!

I think it’s dificult to know what blogging is like when you haven’t experienced it…all I know is that it changed my life in a good way and that’s gotta be a good thing right?!

To make other people smile 🙂

It never fully dawned on me that what I was creating and writing could actually make someone happy- like, how weird is that! I read other people’s posts and they might make me laugh, comfort or even just be a nice thing to read if you ever feel down (or ILL *cries*)

I just find it amazing that what I post could make someone, even if it’s just one person smile or feel better about themselves- that’s amazing to me and I now deserve a pancake because why not..

For fun.

I don’t think I really have a lot to say on this one because blogging is just the best fun everr- reading comments about how someone loves exactly the same things as you yet lives on the other side of the world or reading about someone else’s adventures is even better than pancakes! Wait no-

There are so many more reasons for starting a blog- I’d love to hear what made you all start one, or whether you still haven’t decided on making one? Let’s growl in the comments 🐻 🙂

Have an amazing evening grizzly bears!

Tabi bear busy bee

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113 thoughts on “Why you should Start a Blog..

  1. Love this! I started blogging to keep my family and friends updated on my new life in another country. Thankfully it has become more than that and I am enjoying learning more about blogging life and entertaining others 🙏🏼

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  2. Very nice post and a beautiful blog! I started blogging because I wanted to say something about the photos that I was taking. My photos were average, I’d never written ANYTHING and I could hardly be described as IT smart. But WordPress ‘Freshly Pressed’ one of my very early posts (Komodo Dragons) and I’ve never looked back! Turns out that my IT, photo and writing skills became greater than the sum of their parts, I met a fantastic community and I take better photos and learn more about my subjects. I love it! After last August I found myself time challenged and devoid of inspiration so didn’t blog for 3 months. I’ve started again and feel the difference in my life. Energized and inspired! By the way, I love your art! It is exactly what I look for when buying books for my son. Simple, accessible and opens the imagination. I have a post on my blog about Grizzlies if you want to go see a real one. 🙂

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