50 (ish) Things you could give someone

Let’s talk giving! Nope, not just gifts, but other things too- handmade stuffs, favours and day trips. I’ve (not quite sure how) managed to come up with 50 ideas of what to do for someone at Christmas time, or just in Winter in general (I definitely used ‘in’ too many times there hmm) So you’d better get reading really..

Happy 11th Day of Blogmas!

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…For the bookworm: 

  • Get them Rooftoppers- Katherine Rundell
  • Make them a bookmark
  • Give them a list of top books they should be reading
  • Get them Pax- Sara Pennypacker
  • Get them, or lend them Turtles all the Way Down- John Green
  • Get them a Harry Potter book
  • Get them a signed edition of their favourite author
  • Get them a book token
  • Take them to a book signing or book event near you (or further) and if it’s paid, pay to take them 🙂
  • Get them a bookshelf for their room

…For the easily bored:

  • Get them a rubix cube
  • Take them out on an adventure day- Go Ape, a woodland, theme park thing…
  • Get them table football (or a desk version heheh)
  • Make them a list of 100 things to do when you’re bored
  • Host a games night with them and friends (board games, video games, other etc)
  • Take them to a park for a wintery walk
  • Get them a present wrapped lots of times with one small thing or message in each layer
  • Get them Rush Hour- board game

…For the foodie:

  • Make them a food scrapbook and leave it empty for them to fill with recipes, photos of what they make and any foody notes.
  • Make them a baking set in a box or hamper with all the basic ingredients, oven gloves and maybe even a few recipes?
  • Bake them a HUGE tin of little gingerbread men!
  • Get them a subscription to a food magazine
  • Buy them food (obvs)
  • Make them a print or quote and frame it, that says something funny about food.

…For the artiste: 

  • Buy them a new set of brushes
  • Put them together a set, some ideas- a sketchpad, a few brushes, pencils and paint, and a book for inspiration 🙂
  • Get them a sketchbook/notepad and write a prompt for each page for them (something with wheels, a Halloween outfit…)
  • Get them a subscription/package for some online software
  • Take them to a big art gallery fir a day out
  • Get them an easel

…For the nature-lover:

  • Get them a set of succulents or cacti and put them in tins or plastic bottles (cut in half) and even draw a face on the pots as a little plant set
  • Take them to some woodland
  • Buy them the Blue Planet II book
  • Get them a disposable camera and take them on a trip
  • Make them a scrapbook or nature journal
  • Get them a plant for the garden (if they have one)

…For the Fashion fanatic:

  • Get them a voucher for their favourite shop/online store
  • Get them a new backpack
  • Get them some fun or cute socks
  • Organise a fashion catwalk evening at your house with friends
  • Get them a book from their idol
  • Take them on a shopping trip

…For the Blogger:

  • Pay for them to upgrade their blog!
  • Get them some adhesive marble (makes great photo background)
  • Take them for a nice day out and then have a fun photoshoot together!
  • Get them a nice journal or notebook for ideas                                                     44
  • Get them some fairy lights
  • Get them a book about blogging
  • Get them a book on writing and how to improve it (not in a mean way ahah)

I hope you enjoyed the list, have an amazing day teehee.

Comment of the week! (although it’s been ages) goes to: lydiatheballerinist ❤

snip 1

Bear hugs with gingerbread crumbs,

Tabi bear busy bee

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36 thoughts on “50 (ish) Things you could give someone

  1. i LOVE that you included a bookworm section! If SOMEONE GOT ME A BOOKSHELF. Damn would I be one happy penguin. A signed book is also a great idea or a signing event though I’d probably scream and run away frm the author and return to my hobbit hole. “BEAR HUGS WITH GINGERBREAD CRUMBES” awww that is SO cute! Love the sign off xx

    Liked by 2 people

  2. It`s actually very helpful post. I like the way you divided things into categories so it makes choosing something much easier. Thanks a lot! Very clever post 😀

    Liked by 2 people

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