How to add some Magic to your every day✨

Hello sweets, 🐝

*eXcItiNg NeWs (with unneccesary but completely needed capital letters, ahem)*

I have started another blog! (say whaaaat?) Mmhmm, I have a little blog alongside my Instagram where I am posting my journey as an illustrator and more personal stuff. It;s only small, and I don’t intend on growing it on a big scale, so no pressure to follow it or keep checking back, it’s just kind of there if you want to come say hello, (I’m always up for a chat if you ever feel upset or just in need of one) and keep track on my illustrations and scrapbooking adventures. (You can find the blog by clicking here)

But hey! How are all of you? Happy New Year! Maybe you’re here because you’re in need of a liddle bit of magic like me, because I do love a good bit of Harry Potter and colourful socks. (colourful socks are MY kinda magic alright? 😉 )

old vintage books harry potter treasures scrapbook vscoold vintage books beatrix potter vsco peter rabbit

So where do we start… That’s pretty easy, my favourite book series of all time! It’s a big statement, but bears, after reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, who wouldn’t agree? By the end of the book you pretty much are made up of half magic; there I was, staring out my kitchen window wondering whether I could actually join Hogwarts instead of leaving the house- maybe I was just hungry…hmm.

Another way I love to add a bit of magic to my life is by digging out old treasures from deep in cupboards and old dusty drawers that haven’t been disturbed by anything for years, and in fact, even the spiders think it is too dusty for them to live there. Back to the point- treasures. I find old books like my collection of Beatrix Potter books (with the most gorgeous illustrations that I still admire) and pressed leaves and flowers, I have kept nearly all of the leaves, flowers and ferns in my scrapbook from woodland walks and past holidays.

Ah! *lightbulb flickers above my little head* And then there’s of course going on rambles (I’m probably the only one on planet earth who still likes that word) whether it’s a forest walk, looking at the birds crowing from the treetops, or exploring mountain hiking paths and old magical castle ruins, I love to visit places that have a history, like second-hand books, and seeing what I can find and see.

So what things do you do to add a bit of magic and happiness into your life? I’m sure we all have something, even if it means staying at home with an old book you dug out last Thursday. Let us ponder about Harry Potter and snuggly socks in the comments 🙂

Bear hugs,

Tabi bear busy bee

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85 thoughts on “How to add some Magic to your every day✨

  1. I love harry potter, and magical creatures such as dragons and unicorns…fantasy art. You’d like some of posts….I think you’ll like my post that I have scheduled to post for this coming Saturday…it’s on Harry Potter, the patronus and your spirit animal. 🙂

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  2. Doesn’t everyone wish they could go to Hogwarts? My niece is awaiting her acceptance letter and my son certainly thinks he will be going, which is good as I didn’t get to go so I can live vicariously through him, while wearing snuggly, wool socks! Your other blog is beautiful.

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  3. I love the way your write Tabi, so fun and interesting to read! Your pics are so aesthetic and beautiful too! You should do a photography related post type of thing! Ellie x 💫💗🌴

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  4. Hey Tabi! I checked out your new blog and it is just so lovely!
    Yessss! I love Harry Potter!! You should do a post on the series sometime!
    Snuggly socks are the best! Especially the fuzzy ones with cute patterns that you can wear on cold, snowy days and be all cheered up by them!
    Lydia ❤

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  5. You forgot to mention to look for unicorns during the forest walk part 😀, question, did you finish the harry potter book series yet………. just wondering. Anddddd I love the pictures…….. ❤

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