Let’s put a stop to Animal Testing.

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I’m afraid this won’t be like normal posts, it’s more of a rant and informing you how YOU can help to end this. *Caution* read the links about animal testing at your own risk. They aren’t too graphic, but could cause upset.

I’m sure a huge, huge amount of you already are completely aware and against this. But if we all knew or cared about it, it wouldn’t still be a thing.

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Animal. Testing. Since when did those two words become such a normal phrase? Who in there deluded mind would think humans are superior enough to force helpless animals to be tested on? The animal kingdom has been here since way before us, so how come just because we have two legs to walk on and a voice box, we suddenly have the right to inflict prolonged pain (and a lot more much, much worse things) on innocent creatures , for what?- your own financial benefit? Sick. It makes me shiver just to think that.

Because guess what? Animals have feelings too. They can feel pain. Of course they can? I wouldn’t want this to happen to my own pets, so why would I want it happening to others exactly the same as mine? Think about it.

What’s more- PRODUCTS DO NOT NEED TO BE TESTED ON ANIMALS. There are scientific methods of testing with more accurate results. There is a stamp on the back of shampoos, beauty products, shower gels, face scrubs that says ‘dermatologically tested’  or ‘not tested on animals’ or the ‘cruelty free’ logo (a little bunny). The likelihood is, if there isn’t anything like that- it isn’t cruelty free, and has involved rabbits, mice, you name it, just so you can have that product.

So why do we still test on animals?

You tell me. Most of tests carried out on animals DON’T EVEN APPLY TO HUMANS. You simply cannot justify it, however much M.A.C tells us ‘we’d rather not test on animals but it’s to do with regulations in China blah blah blah’ it’s rubbish. If you truly didn’t want companies to test on animals, you’d do something about it, and when you fail, you don’t work for them. You make a stand. Because if nobody does, it will keep on happening. And you’ll be a part of that.

Animals are not ours to experiment on. Ever.

Image result for companies that test on animals 2017
Source: Pinterest (you’re surprised at how many you recognise too, aren’t you?) I’m thinking the same.

so…How YOU can help?

There are multiple campaigns running by the likes of The Body Shop, and Lush. You can sign the Body Shop’s fight against it here. (I have signed it too) and see Lush’s work here.

But you can also look on products before you buy them to see if they have the stamp and are cruelty free-assured. If products tested on animals aren’t bought, something will have to change. You don’t have to stop wearing make-up or not use shampoo- just look at different producers.

Here is a list of companies that DON’T TEST ON ANIMALS ❤ ❤ :

Image result for companies that test on animals 2017

I hope you reading this can be the change we need, make a speech at school or write a blog post about it. Reblog this, anything!

I’m so thankful if you read to the end, I’ll include some websites that probably explain things better than I did. Thank you so much. ❤

Important websites to explain more.




Choose kindness, always,

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