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Tabi . . .

British DIY blogger, doodler, camera snapper and all round craft enthusiast!

In love with all things cute, kawaii and pastel, and wildlife and nature stuff. Happiest at home with her white and fluffy bunny, Reenie, alongside a cup of tea and TV. Started this blog (August 2016) as a creative outlet and a place to share adorable DIYs with the amazing people of the internet, but mostly to make people smilee! 😉

This blog was set up as a little space of the internet where you can come to if you’re having a bad day, or just because you are obsessed with cute DIYs, like Tabi! She posts DIY tutorials, product reviews, baking tutorials and photography (or whatever she feels like!).

Oh, and did I mention? She’s a sucker for cute things…and novelty pencil cases…

Welcome to my crazily creative world!

Busy Bee Blog was set up by Tabi in August 2016. It is a DIY and lifestyle blog, with a bit of everything! Please contact via the contact page, read my disclaimer here, or check out my work here, thank you you lovely person!

I am currently posting every three days, but sometimes I might have an extra post or miss one, but ill be sure to let you know! x

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