My 2018 TBR List (Bookworm chats)

TBR List reading books cozy

Hello hedgehogs, it's SPRING TIME! *checks calendar* Ookeeeey not officially apparently, but it's started getting dark at *holds breath* SIX O' CLOCK. So that basically means it's spring, teehee. And also happy Pancake Day! After writing this I'm definitely going to enjoy some sweet pancakes. 🙂 Off the topic of food and onto books and … Continue reading My 2018 TBR List (Bookworm chats)


Let’s put a stop to Animal Testing.

animal testing campaign cruelty free

Hello hedgehogs, I'm afraid this won't be like normal posts, it's more of a rant and informing you how YOU can help to end this. *Caution* read the links about animal testing at your own risk. They aren't too graphic, but could cause upset. I'm sure a huge, huge amount of you already are completely … Continue reading Let’s put a stop to Animal Testing.