Books I want to read before Christmas…

books to read before christmas tbr reading

CHRISTMAS. See already that word has made some roll their eyes and some squeal inwardly like an exciteable badger...but despite The Word *dun dun dun* being in the title, this isn't actually a festive post so you can pack up those holly wreaths and over-sparkly baubles right away (I promise I'm not a Grinch I … Continue reading Books I want to read before Christmas…


How to Make your own Scrapbook

how to make scrapbook journal inspiration

One of my FAVOURITE things to do (obviously apart from eating pancakes and drinking tea...) is scrapbooking! Or journaling, some people call it. I like to call it sticking-souvenirs-and-curiosities-and-magazine-cuttings-and-you-know-things-like-that booking. But it isn't as catchy so... This is my scrapboook!! If you want to know how to make your own liddle scrapbook then you can … Continue reading How to Make your own Scrapbook