Why I love December…

winter illustration - december busy bee blogmas

Happy 5th day of Blogmas festive bears, can you believe it is already? I hope you're all warm in onesies and fluffy socks before you start reading this becaause I'm talking about December! *trumpet fanfare* I have to say my heart is with October, because who doesn't love Autumn? (um everyone?) But December is usually just … Continue reading Why I love December…


33 Gift Ideas that won’t cost the Earth

gift ideas that won't cost the earth eco friendly

Beverage of choice: tea : ) Disclaimer- I'm not saying you should do all this, stick to what you know best, but just some ideas for those out there who want to keep to a budget or use less waste for the planet 🙂 Christmas can be so so so so so so (yup I … Continue reading 33 Gift Ideas that won’t cost the Earth

How to Make your own Scrapbook

how to make scrapbook journal inspiration

One of my FAVOURITE things to do (obviously apart from eating pancakes and drinking tea...) is scrapbooking! Or journaling, some people call it. I like to call it sticking-souvenirs-and-curiosities-and-magazine-cuttings-and-you-know-things-like-that booking. But it isn't as catchy so... This is my scrapboook!! If you want to know how to make your own liddle scrapbook then you can … Continue reading How to Make your own Scrapbook